Cross Cultural Communications

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StereotypingA form of patterning; perceiving a similarity between two events or things because of superficial features and based on perceived similarity, unconsciously ascribing to one of the events additional attributes to the otherImplicit BiasAttitudes and stereotypes that Unconsciously affect people's perceptions, actions and decisionsExplicit Bias· Attitudes and beliefs that one endorses at a conscious levelBiasBeing in favor of or against a person, thing or group when compared with another. It's a functioning a factor of the human brain.Racial ProfilingThe use (by LEO) of race/ethnicity as the sole factor to justify initiating a stop, conducting searches, or focusing an investigation on a particular individual or group of individuals4 barriers to cross-cultural communication-Language -Ignorance of Cultural Norms -Prejudice -EthnocentrismIceberg metaphor· Things you cannot see when looking at an individual/culture -Things we can observe (see) -Dress -Physical appearance -Age -Under the surface -Attitudes -Beliefs -Levels of education