Drama Unit 7 part 2 and 3

44 terms by smscott

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Morality Plays

Dramas—originally under church control—didactic allegories in which characters had names of virtues, vices, or other qualities

Passion Play

a genre of medieval drama based on the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus


those who purchased the standing room only tickets to an Elizabethan play; unruly section of a Shakespearean audience

Miracle Play

a type of religious drama in the Middle Ages based on stories about saints


speeches in which one actor speaks aloud revealing his or her inner thoughts

Commedia Dell Arte

A form of theatrical improvisation developed in the 1500s which includes stock characters and farcical situations

Legitimate theater

When the restoration period ended the Licensing Act only permitted the play house to two. All other theaters were illegal thus creating the term.

Tiring House

dressing room, provided actors a variety of entries to the stage: windows, balconies, and two or more large doors.

Mystery Plays

plays based on stories from the Bible


literature that attempts to represent life as it really is


a literary movement with an emphasis on the imagination and emotions

Minstrel Shows

white actors wearing black face mimicked and ridiculed African American culture, became increasingly popular.


A type of inexpensive variety show that first appeared in the 1870s, often consisting of comic sketches, song-and-dance routines, and magic acts


the idea that the universe is without meaning or rational order that human beings, in attempting to find a sense of order, conflict with it

Epic Theater

A type of theater, invented by Brecht, in which major social issues are dramatized with outlandish props and jarring dialogue and effects, all designed to alienate middle-class audiences and force them to think seriously about the problems raised in the plays.


Settings that used color and line to evoke the mood of a place rather than realistic painting

Regional Theatres

theaters in major American cities other than NY

Stanislavski's System

1. To make the external behavior movement and voice natural and convincing
2. To know and carry out the objectives or inner needs of the character
3. To make the life of the character onstage continuous, with a past, and a future and a life between the scenes onstage
4. To commit to he action and reaction


Morality Play

Don Quixote


The Imaginary Invalid


Dr. Faustus




A Doll's House


The Cherry Orchard




The Importance of Being Earnest


Cyrano De bergerac


Waiting for Godot


Our Town


A Streetcar Named Desire


Death of a Salesman


The Odd Couple



plays performed on pageant wagons


a social system whereby peasants worked the land and paid rent to the landowning


trade unions


small platforms on which short scenes are played


short dramatized scenes assed to the Catholics mass


a form in which dramatists follow the classis unities and write in verse

discovery space

in an Elizabethean theatre, a space at the back of the stage used for small interior settings


extravagant court entertainments that included dance, music, and poetry

Wooden O's

round or octagonal theatres with two or three tiers of thatched roof galleries surrounding an open court on three sides



The Restoration Era

began with the restoration of the British monoarchy in 1660 under Charles II

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