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PneumoniaMost common cause of morbidity in measles4 days before and 4 days after onset of rashPeriod of communicability of measles7 days before and 7 days after rashPeriod of communicability of rubella1-2 days before rash, 7 days after rash and all lesions have crustedPeriod of communicability of varicellaBefore onset of rash until after onset of rashPeriod of communicability of erythema infectiosum1-2 days before onset of parotid swelling until 5 days after the onset of swellingPeriod of communicability of mumpsMeningoencephalitisMost frequent complication of mumpsFT or F: Infertility is a common complication in patients with mumpsAbdominal pain/tenderness Persistent vomiting Clinical fluid accumulation Mucosal bleeding Lethargy, restlessness Liver enlargement > 2cms Decreased or no urine within 6 hrs Increase in Hct with decrease in plateletDengue warning signsSevere plasma leakage Severe bleeding Severe organ involvementSevere dengueWith in the first 2 days of life At 1-2 months old At 4-6 months oldTiming of viral diagnostic testing in infants born to HIV-infected mothers1 and 3 months old Repeated q3 months starting at 6 months of ageTiming of CD4+ and CD8+ testing in infants born to HIV-infected mothersPlasma viral loadBest single prognostic indicator in children with HIVCongenital Rubella SyndromeMost important consequence of rubellaFeverMost consistent finding associated primary HHV-6B infectionNerve deafnessSingle most common finding in congenital rubella syndromeConvulsionsMost common complication of roseolaVaricellaDifferent stages of lesionsPost-herpetic neuralgiaMost frequent complication of zoster infectionScarlet feverSandpaper/goose pimple-like rash Pastia's linesCongenital VaricellaPresents with cicatricial skin scaring, limb hypoplasia, neurologic, renal, and ANS abnormalitiesSore throat or exudative pharyngitis Cervical lymphadenopathy SplenomegalyInfectious mononucleosis triadToxic cardiomyopathyMost common cause of mortality in diphtheriaToxic cardiomyopathy Toxic neuropathyComplications of diphtheriaBronchopneumonia or pulmonary hemorrhageUsual cause of deathin neonatal tetanusTrismusMost common presenting symptom of generalized tetanusInapparentMost common type of polioOtitis media PneumoniaMost common complication of influenza infectionHerman's rashPathognomonic clinical feature of dengue