Weeks 7-8 Greek and Latin Roots

deport (verb)
to carry or send away from a country; to banish
export (verb)
to carry OUT OF the country
import (verb)
to carry INTO the country
portable (adjective)
can be carried easily
portage (noun)
the route over which boats and supplies are carried from one lake or river to another
porter (noun)
an attendant who carries travelers' luggage for them
portfolio (noun)
a case for carrying loose papers
report (noun)
a collection of writing that carries information to be shared with someone
support (verb)
to help by carrying the weight of something
transport (verb)
to carry something from one place to another
admit (verb)
to send someone in; to allow someone to enter
dismiss (verb)
to send someone out: to let someone leave
emit (verb)
to send out or give off (such as an odor)
intermission (noun)
a break between acts of a play or performance
missile (noun)
a weapon designed to be sent in the direction of a target
mission (noun)
a special duty or function which a person or group is sent to do
omit (verb)
to leave out; to not sendd
remit (verb)
to send money as in a gift or payment
submit (verb)
to give in to someone else's power
transmit (verb)
to send something across places; to pass along

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