set out
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reminisceto go over or remember moments from the pasttake (somebody) backremind somebody of the pastbackgrounda person's education and experienceconnectto make contact or find something in commonformerpreviouspromisingshow great potentialunacceptableshould not be allowed, not satisfactorycausethe reason behind an actionlimbsarms and legscomplexionthe color and texture of the skin, especially that of the face.inanimatenot having life; without energy or spiritendeavoringtry hard to do or achieve somethingembracedto gladly take in ideas, beliefs, or opinions; huggedpass downTo give something to the next generationworld-renownedfamous throughout the worldapply toGet into contact with and submit a requestfill into complete (a form, a questionnaire, etc.)get aheadmake progress, succeedkeep atcontinue with something difficultlead toto result inmove upto advance, improve positiontake overto take control of somethingturn downto refuse or reject (something or someone)work onto be occupied with