Laboratory Equipment

Bunsen burner
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crucible and coverWhat is this called?wire gauzeWhat is this called?safety gogglesWhat is this called?corkWhat is this called?watch glassWhat is this called?Erlenmeyer flaskWhat is this called?buretWhat is this called?pipetWhat is this called?theremometerWhat is this called?graduated cylinderWhat is this called?to measureWhat is a gradulated cylinder used for?wash bottleWhat is this called?micropipets (standard and narrow)What is this called?dropperWhat is this called?tongsWhat is this called?assorted rubber stoppersWhat is this called?lab burnerWhat is this called?test tube holderWhat is this called?forcepsWhat is this called?fileWhat is this called?wire brushWhat is this called?24-well plateWhat is this called?scoopulaWhat is this called?spatulaWhat is this called?funnelWhat is this called?test tube rackWhat is this called?

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