Principles of Family Living test #2

Hebrew word "separated" & describes a woman living apart from a man. Used as a place of high value for woman and metaphorically of places, nations, and the church.
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continual lust for more pleasureUnmanageability (Unknowingly)the mind is "set" on the sinPreoccupation (Porta)the flesh is the opponent and our freedom in Christ can be hijacked by sin (I don't HAVE to...) thus, we get as close as we can to sin and then fall into itRitualization (Rico)expectation; the power and ability of God to work in the life of the believer1 Cor 4:20change through the process of transformation of the mindRomans 12:2God's plan to conform you to the image of JesusRomans 8:29cooperating with the work of the Spirit to put to death the despicable deeds of the body; the duet between you and the Holy SpiritRomans 8:12-13stop doing and start doing (put to death and clothe selves)Colossians 3:15-1745min - 1hr Bible study a day: stop one behavior and start another behavior by understanding the model and being connect to the power (most important step)Breaking the Porn Addiction (BPA) STEP 1must immediately stop "using" - this is the second most important step. using porn arrests the Spirit's work and develops a habit that is harder and harder to changeBPA STEP 2delay masturbation practices (unmarried) as long as possible. for married men, only experience sexual gratification with your wives. sex bonds; bond to your wifeBPA STEP 3pray that the Holy Spirit blocks the sexual memories created by pornBPA STEP 4structure righteousness into your lifeBPA STEP 5prepare yourself for the upcoming battle (your body rhythms and mind have "memory": 3rd day, 1st wk, 3rd wk, and 5-6th wk. be aware of the impact of stress on your addictive thinking and behaving).BPA STEP 6flee alone times when the temptation to use porn is the greatestBPA STEP 7know what same sex person you need to run to when temptedBPA STEP 8prepare to change ANYTHING in your routine that can set off your porn addiction (or other addictions)BPA STEP 9Know the 6 (loose) premarital relationships and their applications (pg 107)?1. Commit to developing an alternative to the typical American dating relationship 2. Emphasize relational training in the family setting 3. Parental agreement in deciding to foster and alternative to the typical dating pattern 4. Development of acceptable social occasions for teens and young adults to be together 5. Develop a strong fathering role that sets a gracious standard in relationships with women 6. Focus on friendship emphasizing the spiritual family relationship and it implications (brothers and sisters in Christ)Dangers of relating in a dating relationship1. notable lack of parental involvement 2. lack of spiritual training or modeling for couples who date 3. law of diminishing returns 4. lack of emotional maturity, life experiences, and supervision to handle the pressures of the dating relationship 5. couples spending a tremendous amount of alone time 6. the speed at which relationships become seriousModel of Repentance: book, chapter, and versesHosea 14:1-7 (verses 4-7 tell of how God will restore you)Be able to discuss why sexual purity is so important to God and us (include key concept, the character of God, the role of a virgin, marriage and sex is a way to talk about covenantal relationship with God, and the message we are going to give the world).Remember that sex points us to something about the character of God. John Piper - "The ultimate reason why we are sexual is to make God more deeply knowable."