U.S. History Ch 1 colonization test

England's first permanent settlement in North America
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Quaker who founded PennsylvaniaWilliam Pennexplain the religious reasons England was interested in Americareligious persecution non-biblical beliefs held by the Catholicsbelieves congregations should choose their own eldersJohn Calvinwanted a divorce, declared himself head of the Anglican church after the pope said noHenry VlllJames lthe king refused changes regarding electing ministers so the people were angry and willing to leaveexplain the economic reasons England was interested in AmericaEngland was producing more wool than they could see so in order to find new markets they made joint stock companies so they could trade with and colonize other parts of the world.why did England want to establish outposts in Americato support naval operations against Spainhow did captain john smith and the Powhatan confederacy save Jamestownhe began trading with the confederacy and this helped the colony get through the first two wintersWhy did Lord Baltimore found Maryland?haven or refugee for the Catholics to freely worship the way they wantedexplain how tobacco saved Jamestownthey traded tobacco with England which ensured the colonies valuewhat caused friction in the Maryland colonymost of the settlers were protestant but the government officials and large estate owners were catholichow did Squanto help the pilgrimshe taught them about their new environment and negotiate a peace treaty with the Wampanoag peoplewhat did john Winthrop mean when he states that he hoped america would be a city upon a hillan example to the rest of the worldwhy were rogers Williams and Anne Hutchinson banished from Massachusetts?they challenged the puritan authority Williams challenged the authority of the king and Hutchinson was considered a heretic b/c she claimed that God spoke directly to herwhat did Thomas hooker believethat everyone should be able to vote not just church membersroger Williamsfounder of the town of providence and declared that the land belonged to the Indians and the king had no right to give their land awaypilgrimsgroup of separatists who fled to America to escape persecutionrefers to the winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestownthe starving timeEnglishman who explored north america for EnglandJohn Cabotprivately owned ships licensed by the government to attack ships of other countriesprivateerEnglishman who sent an expedition that established a colony in Roanokewalter raleighindian group that lived in the area of jamestownPowhatan Confederacya system where land was given to settlers to entice them to go to Virginiahead right systemfirst child of english parents wo be born on american soilvirginia darea colony governed by the proprietor or owner of the colonyproprietary colonyGranted religious freedom to all Christiansmaryland toleration actthe first written constitution of the america coloniesfundamental ordersvirginiawalter ralieghgeorgiaJames Oglethorpedelawarewilliam pennnew jerseyGeorge Carteret and John Berkeleymassachusettsjohn winthrop, haven for the puritansmarylandlord Baltimore aka George Calvert, haven for Catholicspennsylvaniawilliam penn, haven for the quakersnew yorkjames the duke of york