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  1. square
  2. concentric circles
  3. vertex (of a polygon)
  4. arc
  5. skew lines
  1. a An endpoint where two sides of the polygon meet.
  2. b Lines that are not in the same plane and do not intersect.
  3. c An equiangular rhombus, an equilateral rectangle, a regular quadrilateral.
  4. d Two points on a circle and the continuous part of the circle between them.
  5. e Circles that share the same center.

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  1. The coplanar point from which all points of the circle are the same distance.
  2. A chord of a circle that contains the center, or the length of that chord.
  3. The point on a line segment that is the same distance from both endpoints.
  4. A closed figure in a plane, formed by connecting line segments endpoint to endpoint with each segment intersecting exactly two others.
  5. Two or more angles that have the same measure.

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  1. chordA line segment whose endpoints lie on a circle.


  2. isosceles triangleA triangle with three sides of different lengths.


  3. vertex angleAn equiangular parallelogram.


  4. measure of an angleOne of the two rays that form an angle.


  5. acute angleA triangle with three acute angles.


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