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  1. arc measure
  2. acute angle
  3. rectangle
  4. counterexample
  5. undecagon
  1. a An angle whose measure is less than 90°.
  2. b The measure of the central angle that intercepts an arc, measured in degrees.
  3. c An example that shows a conjecture to be incorrect or a definition to be inadequate.
  4. d A polygon with 11 sides
  5. e An equiangular parallelogram.

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  1. A polygon with 9 sides
  2. Circles that share the same center.
  3. The point on a line segment that is the same distance from both endpoints.
  4. Two or more angles that have the same measure.
  5. A quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.

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  1. arcTwo points on a circle and the continuous part of the circle between them.


  2. radiusA line segment from the center of a circle or sphere to a point on the circle or sphere. Also, the length of that line segment.


  3. isosceles triangleA triangle with at least two congruent sides. Note : Most have only two congruent sides, although an equilateral triangle can be considered one as well.


  4. bisectTo divide into two congruent parts.


  5. complementary anglesTwo angles whose measures have the sum 90°.


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