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  1. angle (of a polygon)
  2. n-gon
  3. collinear
  4. arc measure
  5. coplanar
  1. a In the same plane.
  2. b A polygon with n sides.
  3. c On the same line.
  4. d An angle having two adjacent sides of the polygon as its sides.
  5. e The measure of the central angle that intercepts an arc, measured in degrees.

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  1. A triangle whose sides are congruent.
  2. The angle between the two congruent sides (of an isosceles triangle)
  3. Two non-collinear rays having a common endpoint
  4. An undefined term thought of as a straight, continuous arrangement of infinitely many points extending forever in two directions. It has length, but no width or thickness, so it is one-dimensional.
  5. Lines that lie in the same plane and do not intersect.

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  1. planeAn undefined term thought of as a flat surface that extends infinitely along its edges. It has length and width but no thickness, so it is two-dimensional.


  2. midpointA line segment connecting two nonconsecutive vertices of a polygon or polyhedron.


  3. base anglesThe two angles opposite the two congruent sides. (of an isosceles triangle)


  4. rectangleTwo non-collinear rays having a common endpoint


  5. acute angleA triangle with three acute angles.