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  1. side (of a polygon)
  2. parallelogram
  3. linear pair (of angles)
  4. point of tangency
  5. ray
  1. a Two adjacent supplementary angles whose non-common sides form a line.
  2. b A line segment connecting consecutive vertices of a polygon.
  3. c The point of intersection of a tangent line and a circle.
  4. d A quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.
  5. e A point on a line, and all the points of the line that lie on one side of this point.

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  1. A line segment connecting two nonconsecutive vertices of a polygon or polyhedron.
  2. A triangle whose sides are congruent.
  3. An example that shows a conjecture to be incorrect or a definition to be inadequate.
  4. A polygon with 4 sides
  5. Two points on a circle and the continuous part of the circle between them.

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  1. rhombusAn equilateral parallelogram.


  2. skew linesOn the same line.


  3. angle (of a polygon)An endpoint where two sides of the polygon meet.


  4. chordThe side opposite the vertex angle. (of an isosceles triangle)


  5. semicircleThe set of all points in a plane at a given distance from a given point.