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  1. parallel
  2. radius
  3. skew lines
  4. undecagon
  5. concentric circles
  1. a A line segment from the center of a circle or sphere to a point on the circle or sphere. Also, the length of that line segment.
  2. b Lines that are not in the same plane and do not intersect.
  3. c Lines that lie in the same plane and do not intersect.
  4. d Circles that share the same center.
  5. e A polygon with 11 sides

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  1. Two angles whose measures have the sum 180°.
  2. Lines that meet at 90° angles.
  3. Two angles whose measures have the sum 90°.
  4. A polygon with 8 sides
  5. A statement that clarifies or explains the meaning of a word or phrase.

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  1. congruent segmentsTwo or more segments that have the same measure or length.


  2. midpointThe point at either end of a segment or arc, or the first point of a ray.


  3. collinearAn undefined term thought of as a location with no size or dimension. It is the most basic building block of geometry. In a two-dimensional coordinate system, its location is represented by an ordered pair of numbers (x, y).


  4. major arcAn arc of a circle that is greater than a semicircle.


  5. dodecagonA polygon with 12 sides