What might a nurse need to do to ensure the continuation of his or her nursing license?
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The primary aim of the Healthy People 2020 initiative is:health promotion.The nurse is caring for a client who ascribes to the theory of animism. When attempting to explain this theory to other staff members, the nurse should state:"Everything in nature is alive with invisible forces."The nurse is attempting to provide anticipatory guidance for the parents of an 18-month-old child. Which statement would be best for the nurse to make?"Keep all medications in a locked cabinet."In what time period did nursing care as we now know it begin?18th to 19th centuryWhich scenario is the best example of the nurse in the role of teacher/educator?Assessing whether the client is able to perform a dressing changeThe nurse is demonstrating traits of leadership. What actions by the nurse would be recognized as leadership behaviors? Select all that apply.Participates on an evidence-based practice council Serves as president of local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Develops and implements a quality improvement projectA nurse is planning to pursue further education in the hopes of becoming an expert in geriatric nursing who carries out direct care. For which expanded career role is the nurse preparing?Clinical nurse specialistThe registered nurse communicates with the physical therapist that a client is now on strict bed rest due to bradycardia. Which statement best explains the standard exemplified by the nurse?The RN coordinates care delivery.The nurse is performing an extensive dressing change on a client with burns. The nurse explains each step as it is being performed. The nurse is acting in which role by providing explanation of each step?EducatorWhich activity by the nurse is an example of exercising professional standards of practice?Attending a conference for continuing education creditsA nurse manager is teaching staff how to use a new piece of hospital equipment. Which educational setting would be most appropriate for this process?In-service educationWhich is the best example of a client-centered approach to care?The nurse asks the client about health goals.The first nursing journal owned, operated, and published by nurses was:American Journal of NursingWhich advancement in the nursing profession occurred immediately after World War II?In the role of entrepreneur, the nurse's primary responsibility is:The RN is working with hospital administrators to transform care at their facility. Which nursing competency will be critical for the nurse to utilize?Work effectively in interdisciplinary teamsA registered nurse wishes to work as a nurse researcher. Which is true regarding nurse researchers?They are responsible for the continued development and advancement of nursing.Which explanation accurately differentiates the role of the registered nurse (RN) from that of the licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/LVN)?The LPN/LVN should work under the supervision of an RN.The nurse going back to school for nurse midwifery can trace education for nurse midwifery to which nursing leader?Mary BreckinridgeThe nurse is documenting the client's response to a medication. This action reflects a practice that was started by which key figure in nursing's history?Linda Richards