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  1. What are the three types of joints based on function?
  2. What are two types of injuries?
  3. Classification of Cartiliginous joints?
  4. What function does the fibrous capsules play?
  5. What does synovial fluid do?
  1. a Synchondroses
  2. b Fibrous Joints
    Cartilaginous Joints
    Synovial Joints
  3. c It provides strength for the bone so that it wont pull apart
  4. d Sprains
  5. e It provides protection against the rubbing forces in the articular cartilage and acts as macrophages when pushed out by compression to the joint cavity

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  1. Its called meniscus and it is additional padding where alot of weight is
  2. Helps protect against crushing forces
  3. Temporal-Mandibular Joint syndrome
  4. joint cavity and articular cartilage.
  5. Hinge Joints
    Condyloid joints
    Pivot joints
    Ball and Socket Joints

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  1. What are the types of movements by synovial joints?Fibrous capsules
    Synovial membrane
    Articular cartilage
    Joint Cavity


  2. Classification of fibrous Joints?Synchondroses


  3. What are the Diseases of the joints?mobility
    hold skeleton together
    provide some protection


  4. What are the functions of the jointsArthritis
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Gouty Arthritis


  5. What is tendon sheath?its a pocket of fluid that protects against rubbing on the bone


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