11 terms

Ch. 2 Terms

Internal Conflict
a struggle in a character;s heart or mind
a. Ex. a characters struggle with shyness, fear, or jealousy
External Conflict
a struggle between a character and an outside force; there are many different types
Man vs. Self
where the main character of the story has a problem or struggle with him or herself
a. Ex. making a difficult decision; battling cancer; a guilty conscience; moral issues
Man vs. Man
where the conflict arises between 2 or more characters
a. Ex. fist-fight between 2 characters; Harry Potter vs. Voldemort
Man vs. Society
where a main character thinks differently from society or the norm; believing or behaving in away that is different than what is expected and accepted in that society
a. Ex. believing that stealing is wrong but everyone steals
Man vs. Nature
where a character or characters have to fight against the forces of nature
a. Ex. against an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, etc.; a disaster type scenario caused by some natural force
Man vs. Fate
where a character tries to break away and be free from some predestined path or destiny; can be a conflict between fate and free will
a. Ex. a path that's been chosen before the character is born or without his or her knowledge
Man vs. Supernatural
where a character or characters fight against elements outside the natural realm
a. Ex. characters vs. ghosts, aliens, monsters, spirits, unexplainable occurrrences, etc.
the way a writer reveals the personality of a character; a writer can reveal it in 6 ways:
a. By describing how the character LOOKS and dresses
b. By letting us "hear" the character SPEAK
c. By showing us how the character ACTS
d. By letting us know the character's THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS
e. By revealing what OTHER CHARACTERS in the story think or say about the character
f. By DIRECTLY DESCRIBING the character's personality
Compare and Contrast
finding similarities and differences between 2 things
Cause and Effect
determining the reason something happens as well as the result of that cause; the cause happens first and the event happens after; events in a plot often connected by cause and effect