Barber CH 4 Pt 1 Infection Control: Principles and Practices

Which type of agency sets the guidelines for the manufacturing, sale, and use of equipment and chemical ingredients?
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Another name for the inactive stage of bacterial growth and reproduction is the _____stage.spore-formingThe presence of pus is a(n)sign of bacterial infectionA disease that has spread from one person to another is a _______disease.contagious_______are resistant to antibiotics.Viral infectionsWhat are colonies of microorganisms that adhere to environmental surfaces, as well as the human body?BiofilmsThe spread of bloodborne pathogens can occur in the barbershop whenever______the skin is brokenHepatitis can damage the ____.liverAIDS is caused byHIVA parasite commonly encountered in the barbering environment isscabiesInoculations can help give _____ immunity.acquiredWhat is the mechanical process using soap and water or detergent and water to remove all visible dirt, debris and many disease-causing germs from tools, implements, and equipment?CleaningWhat process uses chemicals to destroy most, but not necessarily all, harmful organisms on environmental surfaces?DisinfectionWhat must you do before you clean tools, implements, and equipment?Remove all visible dirt and debrisWhat is the ability to produce the intended effect?EfficacyWhat does complete immersion mean?there is enough liquid in the container to cover all surfaces of the item being disinfected, including the handlesWhich type of disinfectant is excellent at removing grime and oils from metals?Petroleum distillatesWhat are the guidelines published by the CDC that require the employer and employee to assume that any human blood and body fluids are potentially infectious?Standard PrecautionsCushion the client's ________ with a folded towel when shampooing an adult client's hair at the shampoo bowl.neckRings should not be worn on the ____ finger(s).index and middleIt is your professional and ___ responsibility to follow state and federal laws and ruleslegal