20 terms

ATV Capitulo 1B Verbos con Preposicion

acostumbrarse a
to get accustomed to
aprender a
to learn to
dirigirse a
to go to, head toward
renunciar a
to resign
acabar con
to finish off, end
amenazar con
to threaten to/with
soñar con
to dream about
aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
despedirse de
to say goodbye to
gozar de
to enjoy
huir de
to run away from
olvidarse de
to forget about
tratar de
to try to
embarcar en
to embark on
entrar en
to go into
incluir en
to include in/on
meterse en
to get in/into
tardar en
to take time to
luchar por
to fight for
preocuparse por
to worry about