L1 ch. 1 sections 1.1-1.4

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cardiovascular physiologyfunctioning of the heart, blood vessels, and bloodNeurophysiologyfunctioning of nerves and nervous system organsreproductive physiologythe functioning of reproductive hormones and the reproductive cyclePathophysiologythe relationship between the function of an organ system and disease or injury to the systemMetabolismthe sum of all chemical reactions that occur within the body composed of anabolism and catabolismanabolismsmall molecules jointed to form larger onescatabolismlarge molecules broken down into smaller onesGrowth and Developmentassimilate materials from environment, often increase size, increase specializationHomeostasisthe ability of an organism to maintain a consistent internal environment "steady state"Reprouductionproduce new cells for growth, maintenance, and repair with sex cells; can develop new organismsResponsivesnessto sense and react to stimuli