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  1. holocaust
  2. renegade
  3. "Omnis"
  4. pandemonium
  5. "Nihil"
  1. a a wild uproar, din, or commotion
  2. b a great destuction, especially by fire; Murder by the Nazis of over 6 million Jews and millions of other people during World War II
  3. c one who deserts a group, cause, faith, etc.; an outlaw; like a renegade, traitorous
  4. d latin for "all"
  5. e latin for "nothing"

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  1. conceit, especially about one's appearance; something worthless or useless; a dressing table
  2. latin for "to close"
  3. An opening, especially one that admits light
  4. to brag about, to boast; a boast
  5. the total rejection of religious or moral beliefs

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  1. negateto disprove; to nullify; to rule out, to cancel, to repeal


  2. catholicuniversal, including most things; referring to the Roman Catholic church


  3. "Apertum", "Aperio"latin for "to begin"


  4. inceptionthe beginning of something


  5. precludea person who avoids mixing with people