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  1. "Vanus", "Vaccus"
  2. inception
  3. vaunt
  4. "Nego", "Negare"
  5. nihilism
  1. a the total rejection of religious or moral beliefs
  2. b latin for "empty"
  3. c the beginning of something
  4. d latin for "to deny"
  5. e to brag about, to boast; a boast

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  1. to disprove; to nullify; to rule out, to cancel, to repeal
  2. cure-all
  3. a person who avoids mixing with people
  4. to destroy completely
  5. present everywhere

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  1. "Inceptum", "Incipio"latin for "to begin"


  2. totalitarianreferring to a form of government in which one person or party holds absolute control


  3. catholicuniversal, including most things; referring to the Roman Catholic church


  4. omnivorouseating every kind of food; eagerly taking in everything, having a wide variety of tastes


  5. "Holos"greek for :whole"


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