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Fiction, Drama, and Poetry

This quizlet covers the works of fiction, drama, and poetry. The basic information for 8th grade math.
is writing that tells an imaginary story
Realistic (Fiction)
a story that is not real, but could actually happen
Historical (Fiction)
a short story that is set in an earlier time period, some characterisitcs exist and some are made up
Fairy Tale
involves fairies, wizards, and goblins that lead to a happy ending
stories that deal with the advetures of Gods and Godesses
a story that deals with adventures of a hero, a real person, but is exagerrated because it is passed down orally
story told to illustrate a moral or teach a lesson
Form (Poetry)
the structure or organization of a work of writing
Line (Poetry)
is the core unit of a poem
Stanza (Poetry)
a group of two or more lines that form a unit of a poem
Speaker (Poetry)
the voice that "talks" to the reader, similar to the narrator in fiction
Rhyme (Poetry)
the occurence of similar or identical sounds at the end or two or more words
Rhythum (Poetry)
is a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry
Sound devices (Poetry)
uses of words for their connections to the sense of hearing, can convey meaning and mood of work
Imagery (Poetry)
consists of descriptive words and phrases that re-create sensory expensives for the reader
a written conversation between two or more characters
Comedy (Drama)
is a dramatic work that is light and often humorous in tone, usually ends happily and solvees the main conflict
the way writers creates and develops charaters
the action is often divided into acts and scenes
major divisonof a play, similar to a chapter book
Historical (Drama)
are plays that take place in the past and are based on real events
Tragedy (Drama)
is a dramatic work that presents a downfall of a dignified character
Radio (Drama)
written specifically to be broadcast over the radio
Stage Directions
the instructions to the actors, directors, and stage crew
is a form of lanugage that is spoken in a particular place or group of people
a written conversations between two or more characters
short poem in which an author expressess personal thoughts & feelings
a japenese poem dealing with nature
5-7-5 form. 3 lines
lyric poem, deals with serious themes
poem in which the speaker reflects on death
contains 14 lines, last 2 lines rhyme
a poem that tells a story
tells aout real people, places and events.
technology based literature
is a form of literature meant to be performed
words carefully chosen and arranged to effect