18 terms

APUSH Chapter 4 Vocab

41 Backcountry
a colonial region that ran along the Appalachian Mountains.
42 Transportation acts
An act passed by Parliament in 1718 that allowed judges in England, Scotland, and Ireland to send convicted felons to the American colonies
43 The Middle Ground
Area between European empires and Indian Sovereignty. Different members of Tribes, Europeans and missionaries lived side by side.
44 The Enlightenment
a philosophical movement of the 18th century, characterized by belief in the power of human reason and by innovations in political, religious, and educational doctrine.
45 Salutary Neglect
idea that the colonies benefited by being left alone, without too much British interference
46 The Great Awakening
This was a major religious revival in the colonies, which began in the 1730's with its leader being Jonathan Edwards.
47 New Light Preachers
spoke to large crowds about the fire and brimstone eternity all sinners would face if they did not absolve their sins
48 Old Light Preachers
Preachers who taught the same even after the great awakening.
49 Sinners in The Hands Of an Angry God
title of Jonathan Edward's most famous sermon
50 Itinerant Preachers
Ministers who went from town to town giving fire and brimstone speeches to scare the people into more religious lifestyles.
51 Royal Governors
Appointed by the King to rule and make laws for the colony; Colonists had no say in the gov't
52 King William's War
First small war between French and English that had small battles fought in Northern New England.
53 Queen Anne's war
second in a series of four French and Indian Wars fought between France and England in North America for control of the continent
54 King Georges War
Fourth expedition from New England captured a fort which controlled the Gulf of Saint Lawrence
55 Albany Plan of Union
proposal by Benjamin Franklin to create one government for the 13 colonies
56 French and Indian war
This struggle between the British and the French in the colonies of North America was part of a worldwide war known as the Seven Years' War.
57 Peace of Paris 1763
Treaty resulting in Britain getting French Canada and Spanish Florida and Spain getting the Louisiana Territory. Ended the French and Indian War.
58 Proclamation of 1763
law forbidding english colonists to settle west of the appalachian mountains