CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1102)

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Which will accomplish a specific task for a user?

A.) Driver
B.) Application
C.) Operating System
D.) Filesystem
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You need to configure a static IP address for Windows 10. Which of the following allows you to perform this task? A.) The Network & Sharing Center B.) Windows Defender Firewall C.) The Network & Internet settings screen D.) The VPN settings screenC.) The Network & Internet Settings ScreenWhich filesystem performs on-the-fly defragmentation? A.) FAT B.) NTFS C.) ext4 D.) FAT32C.) ext4Which place can you find updates for Apple operating systems? A.) iTunes B.) App Store C.) Keychain D.) Mission ControlB.) App StoreWhich macOS feature is similar to Windows File Explorer? A.) Keychain B.) iCloud C.) Spotlight D.) FinderD.) FinderYour system log files report an ongoing attempt to gain access to a single account. This attempt has been unsuccessful to this point. What type of attack are you most likely experiencing? A.) Password-guessing attack B.) Rootkit attack C.) Worm attack D.) TCP/IP hijackingA.) Password-guessing attackOne of the Vice Presidents of the company calls a meeting with the information technology department after a recent trip to competitors' sites. They report that many of the companies they visited granted access to their buildings only after fingerprint scans, and the VP wants similar technology employed at this company. Of the following, which technology relies on a physical attribute of the user for authentication? A.) Smartcard B.) Biometrics C.) Geofencing D.) TokensB.) BiometricsWhat type of malware is able to conceal itself from many parts of the operating system and will obtain/retain elevated privleges? A.) Worm B.) Trojan C.) Rootkit D.) BotnetC.) RootkitA user wants to ensure that all contacts from their mobile device are copied onto their computer before migrating to a new device. Which of the following processes can accomplish this? A.) Mirroring B.) Synchronization C.) Calling each contact D.) Attaching the contacts to an emailB.) SynchronizationWith which mobile filesystem are files with .ipa file extensions typically associated? A.) Android B.) iOS C.) Windows 10 D.) Blackberry OSB.) iOSA technician is configuring a new Windows computer for a home office. Which of the following steps should the technician take to secure the workstation? A.) Rename default accounts B.) Configure single sign-on C.) Disable Windows Update D.) Disable Action Center pop-ups.A.) Rename default accountsYou need to protect files on the desktop operating system with encryption but find out you do not have a TPM. What can you use to protect the files? A.) A BitLocker B.) Encrypted File System C.) BitLocker to Go D.) Full-drive encryptionB.) Encrypted File SystemWhich is a benefit of setup of a device with a Microsoft account? A.) Access to the online store B.) Automatic synchronization of OneDrive C.) Active Directory Authentication D.) Offline AuthenticationB.) Automatic synchronization of OneDriveWhich critical system generally requires third-party tools to troubleshoot performance problems? A.) RAM B.) CPU C.) Graphics D.) NetworkC.) GraphicsWhat is the last step that should be performed when removing malware? A.) Investigate and verify symptoms B.) Enable System Protection C.) Educate the end user D.) Schedule scans and run updatesC.) Educate the end userYour mobile device is suffering from an intermittent wireless connection. What is recommended to alleviate signal drops? A.) Shortening the SSID B.) Using the 5 GHz band C.) Reducing power on the WAP D.) Using the 2.4 GHz bandB.) Using the 5 GHz bandYou are receiving USB controller resource warning messages. What should you try to resolve the issue? A.) Move USB devices around on the USB ports. B.) Manually allot more endpoints C.) Upgrade drivers for the USB devices. D.) Manually increase the output amperage.A.) Move USB devices around on the USB portsWhy is time drift a big problem on virtual machines? A.) Lack of configuration for the NTP server B.) Availability of the NTP server C.) Shared physical RTC D.) Emulated RTC (Real-Time Communications)D.) Emulated RTC (Real-Time Communications)Which tool can be used to restart a failed service? A.) msconfig.exe B.) WinRE C.) Computer Management MMC (Microsoft Management Console) D.) Resource MonitorC.) Computer Management MMC (Microsoft Management Console)Which is a safety risk from overheating a lithium-ion battery? A.) Reduced voltage B.) Shock C.) Explosion D.) ShutdownC.) ExplosionWhich of these are not generally attributed to an intermittent wireless issue? A.) Bluetooth Devices B.) Microwave ovens C.) WAPS (Wireless Access Points) D.) RadarC.) WAPS (Wireless Access Points)You are trying to troubleshoot a problem with AirDrop. You have verified that both participants are within range and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on. What could the problem be? A.) AirDrop is configured for direct connection. B.) The sender is not in the recipient's contact list. C.) The sender is in the blocked AirDrop list on the recipient's phone. D.) The phones are connected to the same SSID.B.) The sender is not in the recipient's contact list.Which network protocol and port does RDP operate on? A.) TCP port 3389 B.) TCP port 22 C.) TCP port 23 D.) TCP port 443A.) TCP port 3389Which line would be used to comment Windows batch script code? A.) //comment B.) ' comment C.) REM comment D.) # commentC.) REM CommentWhich command will launch the Remote Desktop Connection utility? A.) msra.exe B.) mstsc.exe C.) quickassist.exe D.) ssh.exeB.) mstsc.exeA client computer connects to the main office and is configured with an IP address from the main office, on the client computer. What is being described? A.) Site-to-site VPN B.) Remote Desktop Connection C.) SSH Connection D.) Host-to-site VPND.) Host-to-site VPNZoom and Teams are classic examples of which of the following? A.) Screen-sharing software B.) Video-conferencing software C.) File transfer software D.) Desktop management softwareB.) Video-conferencing softwareWhich remote access technology is used for encrypted console based access? A.) MSRA B.) RDP C.) Telenet D.) SSHD.) SSH (Secure Shell Utility)Which of the following are good measures to take to help prevent ESD? (choose two) A.) Decrease the humidity. B.) Tie Long hair back. C.) Take your shoes off. D.) Perform self-grounding.B.) Tie long hair back D.) Perform self-groundingWhich of the following screwdrivers has a splined head? A.) Flat-tipped B.) Phillips C.) Axial D.) TorxD.) TorxWhat type of software licensing agreement usually provides free trial software, with the expectation that you will pay for it if you decide to keep it? A.) Freeware B.) Shareware C.) Open Source D.) Single UserB.) SharewareHow do antistatic mats and wrist straps drain the potential ESD (electro-static discharge)? A.) The use of magnets B.) Through the resistor C.) High-voltage probe D.) Direct groundB.) Through the resistorWhen cleaning dust out of computer equipment, what should you always use? A.) Multimeter B.) Flashlight C.) Air filter mask D.) MirrorC.) Air filter maskWhich is the most likely source of interference to wireless communications? A.) Magnets B.) ESD C.) Surges D.) Microwave ovensD.) Microwave ovensWhile working on a user's system, you discover a sticky note attached to the bottom of the keyboard that has their username and password written on it. The user is not around, and you need to verify that the network connection is working. What should you do? A.) Log in, verify access, and log out. B.) Log in and stay logged in when you are finished. C.) Text the user. D.) Log in and change the user's password.C.) Text the userWhile installing a new network card, you accidentally broke a component off the card. What should you do? A.) Explain that the card was broken out of the box. B.) Install the card anyway. C.) Inform the customer of the situation. D.) Leave everything as is until you can locate a new card.C.) Inform the customer of the situationWhich regulation is enforced by the Health & Human Services (HHS) that regulates the privacy of patient information related to health services? A.) SOX B.) FERPA C.) HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) D.) GLBAC.) HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)Which ticket entry method is the easiest for end users to submit their own tickets? A.) Email entry B.) Portal entry C.) Manual entry D.) Application entryA.) Email EntryWhat is typically used for protecting data center equipment during a power outage? A.) Line interactive UPS (uninterruptible power supply) B.) Surge protector C.) Standby UPS (uninterruptible power supply) D.) Online UPS (uninterruptible power supply)D.) Online UPS (uninterruptible power supply)Which method is used to test a change in an isolated environment? A.) Primary plan B.) Backout plan C.) Sandbox testing D.) Technical evaluationC.) Sandbox testingWhich backup method can create a new current full backup from the files already contained on the backup media? A.) Synthetic B.) Copy C.) Incremental D.) DifferentialA.) Synthetic