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Solids, liquids, and gases part 2

Diagrams that tell how two variables, or factors, are related
X-axis of a graph
y-axis of a graph
A graph consists of a ______ set up by two lines
Equal units
Each line, or axis is divided into ____________
When you graph recorded data, you look for a __________
Scientists often work with gas temperatures in units called _______
To convert celsius degrees to kelvins, you add ___
The ______ temperatures will be used to graph the data
Directly proportional
When a graph of two variables is a straight line passing through the (0,0) point, the relationship is linear and the variables are said to be_______________
The volume of a gas is directly proportional to it's Kelvin temperature under constant pressure
What does the graph of charles's law show?
Pressure and volume are related when temperature is kept ________
When a graph of two measurements forms a curve which slopes downward from left to right, and the curve is steep close to the horizontal axis, the relationship is nonlinear and the measurements are said to vary ________ with each other
The pressure of a gas varies inversely with it's volume at constant temperature
What does the graph for boyle's law show?
Thermal energy
The energy that particles of a substance have
Thermal energy is transferred from one substance to another as ______
From a warmer substance to a cooler substance
Thermal energy always flows ___________
Increases or decreases by a sufficient amount
A substance changes state when its thermal energy __________________
The change in state from a solid to a liquid
The change of state from a liquid to a solid
The change from liquid water into water vapor
A liquid gains enough energy to become a gas
Vaporization occurs when ______________
Takes place inside a liquid as well as at the surface
Boiling point
Temoerature at which a liquid boils
How strongly the particles of a substance are attracted to each other
The boiling point of a liquid depends on _______________
Air pressure
As you go up in elevation, __________ decreases
The opposite of vaporization
Gas particles lose enough thermal energy to become a liquid
Condensation occurs when _____________
Occurs when the surface particles of a solid gain enough energy to become a gas
Data bank
Chemists have built up a _________ of information about the properties of a substance
Below 0'C, water exists in its _____ state
Water must be a _______ before it's temperature can rise above 0'C
When more energy is added to liquid water at 100'C, molecules become a ___
Water must be it's gas stat before it's temerature can rise above _______