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a large land mass that is smaller than acontinent like India.


most important language in ancient egypt.


seasonal wind pattern that causes wet or dry seasons.

caste system

division of indian society in groups based on rank, wealth, occupation


the main religion of India. It teaches that everything is a part of a universal spirit called Brahman


A Hindu and Buddhist belief that souls are born and reborn many times, each time into a new body.


in Buddhism and Hinduism, the effects that good or bad actions have on a persons soul.


An indian religion based on the teachings of Mahavria that teaches all life is sacred.

non violence

the avoidance of violent actions


going without food for a period of time


deep, continued thought that focuses the mind on spiritual ideas.


a religion based on the teachings on the Buddah that developed in India in the 500bc.


in Buddhism, a state of perfect peace.


someone who works to spread religious beliefs.


the science of working with metals.


a mixture of more metals

Hindu Arabic numerals

the number system we use today that was created by Indian scholars during the Gupta dynasty.


injecting a person with a small dose of a virus to help build up defenses to a disease.


the study of stars and planets.

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