7 dramatic forms of contemporary theater

more than an unhappy ending it is a statement about human fraility. Tragic hero chooses opposition over compromise and freely chooses fate, inevitabily experiences a fall. Asserts will against imperfect world. tragic realization- usually takes two forms, desperate suffereing order exists, human acts are futile, hero's actions are celebrated.
the comic playwrite examines the social world, people as social begins, how to live in a society.
Tragic Comedy
mixed dramaitc form, neither tragic or comic. Serious play with good fortune. Alls well that ends well. Ex-waiting for godot.
Modern "American" Tragic Comedy
humanity's endurace despite little potential for change.
a comedy of situation, exaggerated physical activites, presesnts life coincidental. Allows us to experience social taboos. Violence without consequence.
characters represent individuals and collective beings. Eyewitness account-actors should differentiate from characters. Actors are free to comment on characters. The alienataion effect-jarring audience out of sympathetic feelings for characters encourages audience to be objective.
combination of music and drama. Happy ending through destruction of villian. The way we see the world most of the time. Endings are clearcut, oversimplifies human experience.