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Specific locations from which news frequently emanates, such as Congress or the White House.

Trial Balloons

an intentional news leak for the purpose of assessing the political reaction

Sound Bites

Short video clips of approximately 15 seconds; typically all that is shown from a politician's speech or activities on the nightly television news.

Talking Head

a shot of a person's face talking directly to the camera

Timely, Different

News is what is _______ and __________.


In its search for the unusual, the news media can give its audience a ________ view of events and policymakers.


_________ must decide which events are newsworthy.


TV networks define news as what is __________ to the average viewer.


The quest for _______ shapes how journalists define what is newsworthy, where they get their information, and how they present it.


During the 1991 Gulf War, more than ___ of lead stories on TV newscasts came from the White House, Pentagon, and State Department beats.

Reporters, official sources

_________ and their ________ _____ have a symbiotic relationship.


Ever since the __________ scandal, news organizations have regularly sent reporters on beats to expose the uglier side of gov't corruption and inefficiency.


If you had to pick a single word to describe news coverage by the print and broadcast media, it would be _________.


Patterson's study of campaign coverage found that only _______ attention was given to the issues during a presidential campaign.


Strangely enough, as technology has enabled the media to pass along information with greater speed, news coverage has become less _________.

New York Times

The ____ _____ _____ is virtually the only paper that reprinted the entire text of important political speeches.

12.6, 24.6

The 3 major networks together devoted an average of _____ minutes per night to the exceedingly close 2000 presidential campaign; just half the ____ minutes they devoted to the 1992 campaign.

Cold War

During the ____ ____, presidents could routinely obtain coverage for their speeches on the three major networks anytime they requesting it.

37, 19

A study of 1149 journalists found that ___% identified themselves as Democrats, compared to just __% who said they were Republicans.

Reality, stories

Ideally, the news should mirror ______; in practice, there are far too many possible _____ for this to be the case.


The overriding ____ is toward stories that will draw the largest audience.

Visual Stimulation

Seeing a talking head is boring; viewers will switch to channels in search of more interesting _____ ________.


_____'s ratings went down as people tired of watching two talking heads argue for an extended period of time.

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