Physical Science Glassware & Safety Equipment

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Ring StandUsed as a support; clamps attach to the standPipetDisposable object used to transfer small volumes of liquidEye DropperUsed to dispense a very small amount of liquid. Not disposable.Funneldevice useful for pouring a liquid into a narrow opening etc.Utility ClampAttached to ring stand; used to hold laboratory glasswareWatch Glassglass; used to cover a heating beakerTriple Beam BalanceInstrument used to measure massElectronic BalanceA balance that measures mass automaticallyHot PlateA lab tool used to heat substancesMeter StickTool used to measure lengthRubber Stopperused to cover ends of test tubes and flasksEye Wash StationUsed to wash chemicals from your eyesFire ExtinguisherA portable device that puts out small fires by ejecting fire-extinguishing chemicals. Used on "things," not to be used on people.Emergency Gas Shut-offRed button that turns off all the gas and electricity in the lab area in case of an emergencyBroken Glass BoxBox where all broken and/or chipped glassware goesFire BlanketA blanket made of specially-treated fabric that is used if clothing catches fire. Used on people.Chemical RoomRoom where all chemicals are stored and students are never to go inside.Flammableflammable substanceToxictoxic or deadly chemical (even in small amounts)Health Hazardmay cause, or suspected of causing major health effectsCorrosivedangerous to your skin and eyes and will react with metal.Explosivesubstance could be explosive