MIT 204: Medical Coding - Chapter 01 Smart Book

What aspects of the health care system does coding communicate information from?
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The purpose of using health care coding languages is to enable the _blank​_ of information, in a specific and efficient way, between all those involved in health care.sharingInternational Classification of Diseases--10th Revision--Clinical Modification is used to reportwhy the patient was seen.Diagnostic descriptions in the alphabetic index of ICD-10-CM are listed byeponym conditionWhat must administrators and managers ensure are used in the most efficient and effective manner whether in one-physician offices or large hospitals?resourcesIn what order are the codes arranged in the Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries?Alphanumeric orderWhich of the following statements are true when selecting a code?Codes in the Neoplasm Table require coders to view the Tabular List to verify code accuracy. Codes in the Alphabetic Index require coders to view the Tabular List to verify code accuracy. Codes in the Table of Drugs and Chemicals require coders to view the Tabular List to verify code accuracy.What do codes from the Index to External Causes describe?Where patient got injured How patient got injuredWhat is the Alphabetic Index in the ICD-10-CM code book also known as?Index to Diseases and InjuriesWhich of the following symbols might you find in your code book alerting you to the need for additional characters in a code? More than one answer may be correct.Box with a check mark BulletFor coding purposes, the surgical removal of a mole would be considered aprocedure.The Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries includescoding notations. coding symbols.DiagnosticTests or proceduresPreventiveEarly detection screeningTherapeuticRemoving, correcting, or repairing conditionIn ICD-10-CM, where would a coder look to locate a suggested code for a tumor?Neoplasm TableCPT codes are used to report contributions made byambulatory surgical centers. emergency departments of hospitals. outpatient facilities. physician's offices.After locating a code in the Index to External Causes, the next coding step is toverify the code in the Tabular List.The CPT codes in the Alphabetic Index are presentedby procedure. by abbreviation. by service.How many characters would a valid ICD-10-CM code consist of?3 alphanumeric characters. 7 alphanumeric characters.For coding purposes, acupuncture would be considered atreatment.Which of the following code sets are used to translate health care procedures, services, and treatments?ICD-10-PCS CPT HCPCS Level IIWhich of the following is true about CPT codes?All statements are true.Which of the following CPT code sets contains two-character codes?ModifiersWhich of the following is used to code emerging technological procedures?Category IIIWhat is the appropriate location for the period between code characters?Between third and fourth charactersICD-10-PCS codes are made up ofseven alphanumeric characters.Which of the following are included in the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System?HCPCS Level II CPTWhich of the following would be coded using a HCPCS Level II code?Ambulance transport Wheelchair Prosthetic legWhich of the following CPT code sets contains four numbers followed by the letter "T" to make up a five-character code?Category IIIICD-10-PCS is used to code forinpatient visits.CPT codes are also known asHCPCS Level I codes.Dental services are coded using which code set?HCPCS Level IIWhich of the following is NOT a section of the CPT book?Neoplasm Table