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literary device test!!

A flat character has how many dimensional qualities?

Not many

A round character has how many dimensional qualities?


Does Static Characters change during a book or film?


Does Dynamic Characters change during the book or film?


True or False: Direct Characters traits are told?


True or False: Indirect Characters traits are told?

False, Observed

What is FOIL?

Characters that contrast that brings out qualities good guy/Bad guy. Use as a noun, not a Verb.

What is freytag's pyramid?

The structure of Plot/ a diagram of the structure of a five-act tragedy given by Gustav Freytag.

What is Plot?

The arrangement of incidents in a story.

How to Freytag's Pyramid go in order?

Exposition (Boring), Inciting Moment (Exciting), Rising Action (Intrest), Climax (Crisis), Falling Action (Intrest), Resolution (Ending), Denouement (Rap up/ Epilogue). Some what like mountain.

What is Irony?

Technique that reveals a discrepancy between what it appears to be and what it involves a deflection.

What are the Three types of Irony?

1.Dramatic-When reader knows more than a Character
2.Situational-Most common- entirely unexpected
3.Verbal-When a character or person says something different from what they mean.

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