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Marketing Research

a systematic inquiry that provide information to guide marketing decisions


an organizational function and a set of processes for creating communicating and delivering value to customers and for managin customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stake holders

Return on marketing investment

the caluclation of the financial return for all marketing expenditures

Management dilemma

the problem or opportunity that requires a marketing decisions

Data warehouse

electronic storehouse where vast arrays of collected integrated data are ready for mining

Data mining

applying mathematical models to extract meaningful knowledge from volumes of data contained within internal databases

Decision support system

numerous elemts of data organized for retrieval and use in marketing decision making


a private network that is contained within an enterprise


a private network that uses the internet protocols and the public telecommunication system to share an orgnaizations information data or operations with external suppliers vendors or customers

marketing intelligence system

a system of ongoing information collection about events and trends in the technological economic political and legal demographic cultrual social and competitive arenas

marketing concept

the primary strategy for achieving an organizations marketing goals is to satisfy its customers and establish lifetime customer orgnaization relationships.

decisions support systems

numerous elements of data orgnaized for retrieval and use in marketing decisions makeing (already collected). stored and retrieved via intranets and extranets

marketing intelligence systems

ongoing information collection. focused on events trends in micro and macro environments

Marketing tactics

specific times activites that exeute a marketing strategy

reporting study

provides an account or summation of data including descriptice statistics on a particular topic

reporting study

provides an account or summation of some marketing phenomenon

descriptive study

discovers and reports the who what when where or how related to a specific market decisions

research variable

an event act or characteristic measured by reasearch

explanatory study

attempts to expalin the resons for a marketing phenomenon, an event act or characteristic measured by research

predictive study

attempts to forecast a marketing phenomenon, when and in what situations an event act or characteristic will occur


the ability to replicate a scenario and dictate a particular outcome

applied research

research that addresses existing problems or opportunities

pure research (basic)

designed to solve problems of a theoretical nature with little direct impact on strategic or tactical decisions

scientific research

systematic empricically based procedures for generating replicable research

full service marketing researcher

a firm with both quantitative and qualitative methodology expertise that consuds all phases of research from planning to insight development

custom researcher

crafts a research design unique to the marketing decision makers dilemma

proprietary methodology

a research program or technique that is owned by a single firm

specialty marketing researcher

establishes expertise in one or a few research methodologies

syndicated data provider

tracks the change of one or more measures over time, usually in a given industry

obnibus researcher

fields research studies often by survey at regular predetermined intervals

omnibus study

combines one or a few questions from several marketing decisions makers who need information from the same population

sound reasoning

the basis of sound research based on finding correct premises testing connections between facts and assumptions and making claims based on adequate evidence


observation and propositions based on sensory experience and or derived by inductive logic


statement that describes without attempting to explain


statement that explains interprets defends challenges or explores meaning


a form of reasoning in which the conclusion must necessarilty follow from the premises given


a form of reasoning that draws a conclusion from one or more particular facts or pieces of evidence


a bundle of meanings or characteristics associated with certain concrete unambiguous events objects conditions situations or behaviors


an image or idea specifically invented to represent an abstract phenomenon for a given research project

hypothetical construct

constructs inferred only from data; its presumption must be tested

conceptual scheme

the interrelationships between concepts and constructs

operational definition

defines a variable in terms of specific measurement and testing criteria


an event act characteristic trait or attribute that can be measured and to which we assign categorical values

independent variables (predictor)

the varible manipulated by the reasearcher thereby causing an effect on the dependent variable

dependent variable ( criterion)

a measured predicte or otherwise monitored variable expected to be affected by manipulations of an independent variable

moderating variable

a second independent variable believed to have a significant contributory or contingent effect on the originally stated independent/dependent relationship

extraneous variable

a variable to assume or exclude from a research study

control variable

a variable introduced to help interpret the relationship between variables

intervening variables

factor that affects the observed phenomenon but cannot be mesured or manipulated


a statement about observable phenomena that may be judged as true or false


a proposition formulated for empirical testing


the entity or thing the hypothesis talks about

descriptive hypothesis

a statement about the existence size form or distribution of a variable

relational hypothesis

a statement about the relationship between two variables with respect to some case

correlational hyptohesis

a statement indicating that variables occur together in some specified manner without implying that one casues the other

explanatory (causal) hypothesis

a statement that describes a relationship between two variables in which one variable leads to a specified effect on the other variable


a set of systematically interrelated concepts definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain or predict phenomena


a representation of a system constructed to study some aspects of that system or the system as a whole

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