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AP History 17.3

**AA = African American

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the teaching of immigrants to be more "American"; by teaching English and showing how to dress and eat and not practice foreign customs
Booker T. Washington
AA leader who advised blacks to move slowly toward racial progress
W.E.B Du Bois
opposed Washington; believed AA should demand rights to be enforced immediately
Niagara Movement
group denouncing the idea of gradual progress; believed Washington's idea made workers, not men; never grew very popular (not over a hundred)
Springfield Riot
occured in Lincoln's hometown; lynching of 2 people and burning of 40 homes when two black prisoners were found to be put in safety of jail; triggered NAACP
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
(NAACP) aimed to help AA be equal and free of struggles;
Urban League
1911; >100 groups in many cities created a network to help AA settle and find work; helped poorer people; helped families buy clothes and send kids to school
Anti-Defamation League
response to anti-semitism in 1913; goal to defend Jews and others against physical and verbal attacks, false statements, and essentially get Jews equal treatment
Partido Liberal Mexicano
(PLM) Mexican version of the Urban League
groups that made loans and provided legal assistance to Mexican Americans; also had insurance programs to help sick members
Society of American Indians
in 1911 founded by Carlos Montezuma; first organization for Indian rights to protest federal Indian policy; urged independence and preservation of culture
[just say okay] Asians couldn't be American citizens; only American citizens could own land; Asians couldn't own land unless it belonged to their US-born child
Plessy v. Ferguson
case that decided segregation is constitutional
Tuskegee Institute
industrial school in Alabama founded by Washington
Atlanta Compromise
Washington's speech that indicated political and social equality is less important than economic responsibility and independence; blacks had to get more useful as workers
Up From Slavery
Washington's autobiography printed in 1901
The Souls of Black Folk
Dubois' attack on Washington's program expressed through this work in 190; said blacks had a duty to perform
Talented Tenth
the college-educated AA that could help chart cultural and economic elevation for black community; involved in Niagara movement