ANATOMY- roots

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epi-upon, over, above epidermis- layer of skin above dermismacro- mega- magnlarge, very large macrophage- cell at source of infectioncorp- suma-body somatic cell- not a reproductive cellpneum- pulmon-lungs, air pneumothorax- air seeping into chest cavitypara-beside parathyroid gland- small glands embedded inside the thyroidligamentbone to bonetendonConnects muscle to boneskeletal system functionsprovides support, strength, protection, and mineral/fat storage; blood cells made in bone marrowmuscles involuntary and voluntaryinvoluntary- heart- does without thinking about it voluntary- flexing- thinking about it to do itcirculatory system partsheart, arteries, veins, capillariesdigestive system ordermouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anusPeristalsisInvoluntary waves of muscle contraction that keep food moving along in one direction through the digestive system.synapsisconnects two nerves and moves messageshormone in flight or flightadrenal glandintegumentary systemConsists of the skin, mucous membranes, hair, and nailEmbryology- difference between fraternal and identical twinsfraternal- two eggs identical-one egg splitOrganization of living thingsAtoms->Molecules->macromolecules Organelles->Cells->Tissues->Organs->Organ Systems->Organism>

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