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  1. where protein is made, in cytoplasm
  2. start codon (AUG)
  3. have 64 combos of codon, there are 20 amino acid what three goes with what amino acids
  4. (UGA, UAA, UAG) 3 codons that do not code for amino acid
  5. where your genes and junk DNA and everything is, where replication occurs and transcription

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  1. proteinone of the macromolecule groups, make up your muscles, blood, soft tissue and enzymes - made at ribosome


  2. sense strandDNA has two polynucleotide strands, but only this side has the potential to make a RNA to make a protein


  3. ribonucleic acidstands for RNA, named after sugar, single strand, RNA is made from DNA


  4. transcriptionprocess where DNA makes RNA (RNA can leave nucleus) in nucleus, from sense strand in DNA


  5. cytoplasm"soup" of the cell, inside of cell where everything is (including ribosomes)