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What is normal tidal volume
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Biot's respirationsRapid and deep respirations followed by 10 to 30 seconds of apnea - similar to cheyne but deeperApneustic breathingdeep gasping - stroke or traumaKussmaul respirationsDeep, rapid breathing; - usually diabetics (DKA) - to help body metabolismYOU HAVE A CHART ABT BREATH SOUNDS U MADE TOOwhen do you use head tilt chin liftin non trauma caseswhen do you use jaw-thrust?if patient is unresponsiive with trauma ! - overall less movement in case theres a spinal injuryWhen to use an oropharyngeal airwaywhen patient is unconcious and has no gag reflexwhen to use nasopharyngeal airwayused in concious patients with a gag reflex intactnasal cannuladelivers only 1-6 lpm of O2 with a concentration of 24-44%Non-rebreather maskmore O2 at 12-15 lpm and a concentration of 80-100%What is a nebulizer?Machine that delivers continuous aerosol mist for inhaled Asthma meds Treatment is delivered over a period of timewhat drugs can nebulizer givealbuterol ipratropium epihow many lpm will nebulizer give4-6 or 6-8how much will a BVM give15 lpmWhat is CPAP used for?uses air pressure to keep the airway open and prevent sleep apneawhy would you use CPAPacronym FNCPAP - flail chest - COPD - Pulmonary edema/embolism - asthma - pnemonia/sleep apneahow much air pressure is in an o2 tank2000 psiwhen is it too low to use o2 tank500 psiWhat. are the two types of suctionrigid suction and soft suctionrigid suction catheterAKA yankauer - has a larger opening - good for suctioning vomit, blood, teeth, and thick secretions like foodSoft suction catheteryou can use this in the nose - not good enough for vomitWhat are the 6 resp emergencies?PCCPAP pnemonia COPD CHF Pulmonary embolism Asthma pneumothoraxwhat are the two diseases of COPDchronic bronchitis and emphysema - usually through smokerschronic bronchitis- rhonchi -cyanosis/they are all blue - dyspnea - sputum in your cough - overweightEmphysema- thin - wheezing and rhonchi - red faceHow do you manage COPDPut them on O2 and bronchodilators (albuterol). - consider CPAP - contact ALSwhat is asthmabronchocontriction - dyspnea - intercostal retractions - decreasing LOC - tachycardia - tachypnea - ETCO2 45mmhgmanagement will be the same as COPDpnemoniainflammation of the lungssymptoms of pneumonia- virus/bacteria - fever - phlegm - unilateral breath sounds (rales/crackles)CHF (congestive heart failure)heart is unable to pump its required amount of bloodCHF symptoms- hypertension - no fever - pale - diaphoretic (sweating) - bilateral breath RALES/crackles - lots of pain and edema when lying flatpulmonary embolismclot or other material lodges in vessels of the lungwhat is something to ask of PE patientshave you had a history of DVT or are you on birth controlSymptoms of PE- dyspnea - cough - pain - hypertention - tachycardia - tachypnea - crackles/rhonchipneumothoraxair in the pleural cavity caused by a puncture of the lung or chest wallwhat are the two types of pneumothoraxsimple and tensionsimple pneumothorax- air in the pleural space but it can escapeopen vs closed pneumothoraxopen: there is an open wound on the body allowing air to escape Closed: there is an internal hole in the body allowing air to escapetension pneumothoraxair in the plueral space - you can inhale air IN but you CANNOT exhale, air is getting trapped inside!JVD (jugular vein distention)bulging of blood veins on the sides of the neck (can also be charted in "Cardiovascular") (PE Neck)What can a tension pneumothorax cause?Obstructive shock and tracheal deviationAlbuterolBronchodilatorwhat type of drug is albuterolbeta-2 agonistwhat does beta-2 agonist doIt mimics the sympathetic nervous system to decrease resistance and improve air flowwhen should you use this?asthma, COPD, and wheezing breath soundswhat is albuterol dosage2.5 mg in 2ml of salinewhat is the path of delivery of albuterolthrough a nebulizerwhat else can be used to deliver albuterolinhalerWhat should be the ideal SPO2 ?94% +