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Cé hé seo?

Is Micheal é

Cé hí seo?

Is Maire í

Cé hiad?

Is iad Brion agus Sinead

Seo é mo chara Micheal

This is my friend Micheal

Seo í mo chara Bridín

This is my friend Bridín

Seo iad mo chairde Bridín agus Pól.

These are my friends Bridín and Pól

Tá céist agam

I have a question

Níl céist agam

I don't have a question

An bfuil céist agat

Do you have a question

An dtuigeann tú

Do you understand

Ní thuigim

I don't understand


I understand

An bhfuil afhios agat

Do you know

Ta a fhios agam

I know

Níl a fhios agam

I don't know

Abair é sin arís

say that again



go maith


sin é

that's it

mas édo thoil é


Go raibh maith agat

thank you

go mall


cad é an Gaeilge air

What is the Irish for?

Cad é an ciall air

What does tat mean?

Cad atá tú ag rá

What are you saying?

Slán go foill

Bye for now

Slán l tamall

Bye for awhile

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