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  1. accustom
  2. ambiguous
  3. murky
  4. veracity
  5. instinct
  1. a a behavior that an organism inherits
  2. b dim, cloudy, unclear
  3. c to make familiar, used to
  4. d devotion to the truth
  5. e having more than one possible meaning

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  1. inclined to doubt; slow to accept something as true
  2. a peculiar trait or odd habit
  3. a group that enjoys superior status to others
  4. anxiety or fear about the future
  5. the biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next

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  1. mesmerizedhaving your attention fixated as though by a spell


  2. intentlywith strained or eager attention


  3. inexhaustableadj. Full of energy, wild, a resource that will never run out


  4. imminentlikely to occur at any moment


  5. revoketo make invalid, deactivate