Spanish 2 Culture Quiz #1

More than approximately ... people living in the U.S. speak Spanish.
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Overnight, hundreds of thousands of ... became citizens of the United States, bringing with them their rich history, language, and traditions.MexicansThe Mexican heritage combined with that of the other Hispanic populations that have immigrated to the United States over the years, has led to the ... .remarkable growth of Spanish around the countryAfter English, it is the most commonly spoken language in ... .43 statesSpanish has spread to many parts of the world and has along the way embraced words and sounds of languages as diverse as ... .Latin, Arabic, and NahuatlSpanish has evolved from a medieval dialect of north-central Spain into the ... in the world.fourth most commonly spoken languageIt is the second language of choice among the majority of people in ... .North AmericaKnowing Spanish can open doors to communities within the United States and broaden your understanding of ... .the nation's history and geographyThe very names ... are Spanish in origin.Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and FloridaColorado means "... ".colored redMontana means "... ".mountainNevada is derived from "... ".snow-capped mountainFlorida means "... ".floweredLearning Spanish can change how you view the world. You will also learn about ... of people in close to two dozen countries.the origins, customs, art, music, and literatureWhen traveling to a Spanish- speaking country, conversing freely with the people you meet in ... is the best way to bridge any culture gap.their native languageYour knowledge of Spanish will make you a valuable candidate for ... as well as in the United States or abroadDoctors, nurses, social workers, hotel managers, journalists, and many other professionals need to know ... to do their jobs well.Spanish or another foreign language... can improve your ability to analyze and interpret information in many other subject areas.Studying a foreign languageThe skills involved with learning how a language works can help you succeed in other areas of study. Many people who study a foreign language claim that ... .they gained a better understanding of EnglishOne activity that has gained popularity recently is ... .volunteering during vacationsIn Latin America, the combination of learning and volunteerism is called ... ."aprendizaje-servicio"In countries like ... , young people receive academic credit while they use their creativity and their talent to help out their communities. Thus it promotes the active participation of young students in their society.Mexico, Argentina and ChileWhile volunteering during vacation, students gain experiences that they would not otherwise be able to ... .obtain in the classroomIn Buenos Aires, ... , a group of students from the most exclusive schools help out in their community centers.ArgentinaIn 2001, Argentina's Secretary of Education created a program called ... or The National School and Community Program for service-learning projects for the entire country."el Programa Nacional de Escuela y Comunidad"

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