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  1. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  2. How to ungroup spreadsheets
  3. Gigabit per Second (Gbps)
  4. Frequency
  5. Organzier Software
  1. a Software that includes multiple features for organizing in one package, for example, schedule, contact, and email management.
  2. b Right click and click Ungroup Sheets in shortcut menu.
  3. c A transmission at a rate of 1 billion bits per second.
  4. d The speed at which a signal can change from high to low; a signal sent at a faster frequency provides faster transmission.
  5. e The general flow of creating a new software product; includes performing market research and business analysis, creating a plan and budget for implementing the software, programming the software, testing the software, releasing the software to the public, and debugging the software. photo on page 143

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  1. A collection of productivity software applications sold as one package that use tools common to all the products in the suite. (i.e. Microsoft Office 2010)
  2. On a bus network, if one device malfunctions, it has no effect on other devices located along the bus cable. Figure 6.13 page 177.
  3. (rate,nper,pv,fv,type) financial function returns the payment for a loan based on a constant interest rate and period if tine for repayment.
  4. email server
  5. Display trend over time (dates, years) at even intervals. Emphasize rate of change over time.

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  1. Satellite CommunicationSpace-based equipment that receives microwave signals from an earth based station and then broadcasts the signals back to another earth-based station.


  2. Center the text between the top and bottom of a cell.Middle Align


  3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Category of software that deals with standard business processes such as managing customer information, product inventories, and employee records and benefits systems.


  4. Software as a Service (SaaS)A transmission at a rate of 1 billion bits per second.


  5. Default file format for Excel 2010xlsx.