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  1. Network Protocol
  2. POP
  3. Fiber-Optic Cable
  4. This action sets the width of a column to fit the width of the longest entry.
  5. Bandwidth
  1. a A transmission medium that uses a protected string of glass which transmits beams of light. Fiber-optic transmission is very fast, sending billions of bits per second.
  2. b email server
  3. c A rule for how data is handled as it travels along a communications channel.
  4. d The number of bits (pieces of data) per second that can be transmitted over a communications medium.
  5. e Autofit.

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  1. A computer industry term for a flaw or failure in software that causes it not to work as intended.
  2. Click file, save & send, change file type, and double click Workbook (xlsx)
  3. A standard that specifies that there is no central device controlling the timing of data transmission. With this standard , each device tries to send data when it senses that the network is available.
  4. Far right side. "Page Break Preview"
  5. Z --> A

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  1. FrequencyThe speed at which a signal can change from high to low; a signal sent at a faster frequency provides faster transmission.


  2. What appears in a newly drawn text box?Formats are copied from the source cell and can be pasted to one or multiple cells.


  3. New worksheet appears where in excel.At the end of the existing sheets. (right side)


  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)A transmission at a rate of 1 billion bits per second.


  5. FreewareSoftware that is made available to use free of charge.