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  1. What appears in the filter button when you filter largest to smallest.
  2. Network Protocol
  3. Bus Topology
  4. What does a line chart show?
  5. Press which key to move and copy a worksheet to a new one.
  1. a On a bus network, if one device malfunctions, it has no effect on other devices located along the bus cable. Figure 6.13 page 177.
  2. b A rule for how data is handled as it travels along a communications channel.
  3. c Z --> A
  4. d Display trend over time (dates, years) at even intervals. Emphasize rate of change over time.
  5. e Control (ctrl)

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  1. A communications standard used in Wi-Fi networks that tells wireless devices how to connect with each other using a series of access points and radio frequencies to transmit data.
  2. Far right side. "Page Break Preview"
  3. A standard that specifies that there is no central device controlling the timing of data transmission. With this standard , each device tries to send data when it senses that the network is available.
  4. Autofit.
  5. The number of bits (pieces of data) per second that can be transmitted over a communications medium.

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  1. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)A technology that allows content to be treated as objects that can be inserted into different software documents even if they were not created using that software.


  2. GatewaySoftware that is made available to use free of charge.


  3. 3 Most Popular Types of Desktop Publishing SoftwareAdobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and QuarkXPress


  4. Press this key to make formula absolute.Boundary line between two columns. Pointer will change to vertical line with left and right pointing arrow. <--l-->


  5. FirewallA device that helps separate but dissimilar networks to communicate with each other.