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  1. Identification of a comment in a cell.
  2. Coaxial Cable
  3. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  4. This action sets the width of a column to fit the width of the longest entry.
  5. Default file format for Excel 2007.
  1. a One of the organizations that establishes network communications standards.
  2. b Red triangle in top right corner.
  3. c Autofit.
  4. d xls.
  5. e The cable that is used to transmit cable television signals over an insulated wire at a fast speed (millions of bits per second).

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  1. A transmission at a rate of 1 billion bits per second.
  2. A model of software delivery in which software is hosted on an online provider's website and you access it over the internet using your browser; you don't have to have the source application software actually installed on your computer in order to use the software. Also called utility computing.
  3. Formats are copied from the source cell and can be pasted to one or multiple cells.
  4. A computer industry term for a flaw or failure in software that causes it not to work as intended.
  5. Software that is made available to use free of charge.

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  1. The set default under cell format.Display trend over time (dates, years) at even intervals. Emphasize rate of change over time.


  2. Peer-to-Peer Network (P2P)A network architecture in which each computer in the network can act as both server and client.


  3. FirewallSoftware and hardware systems that stop those outside a network from sending information into the network or taking information out of it.


  4. Software SuiteSoftware that is made available to use free of charge.


  5. Default file format for Excel 2010xlsx.