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the killing of one human being by another -- the most serious of all crimes


the intent to kill or harm a person

first degree murder

premeditated killing

felony murder

killing that takes place during another felony

second degree murder

done with malice but without the premeditation

voluntary manslaughter

A homicide in which the intent to kill was present in the mind of the offender, but malice was lacking. Most commonly used to describe homicides in which the offender was provoked or otherwise acted in the heat of passion.

involuntary manslaughter

killing with no intent to kill at all, but death was from reckless conduct

negligent homicide

causing death through criminal negligence


attempt or threat to carry out a physical attack upon another person


unlawful physical contact inflicted by one person upon another without consent

statutory rape

intercourse between an adult and a minor


the willful and malicious burning of a person's property


malicious mischief


attempted shoplifting


the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else


the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)


Offering to someone as genuine a document known to be fake

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