Chapter 1 quiz

According to this textbook, which of the following is the first step of the process of integrating educational technology?

Identify problems of practice (POPs).

Use technology resources in a learning environment
Identify technological resources.

Assess if the educational technology solved a problem.
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This is one strategy schools are using to confirm that students signed up for an online course are actually the ones doing the work of the course.

Having students sign contracts prior to courses

Using software to track students' answer patterns

Implementing stiff penalties for online fraud

Using remote systems to monitor students visually
What is one thing educators have learned from the history of technology in education?

To be effective, teachers must keep up with new technology-based methods.

The most successful teachers are ones who integrate technology the most.

Despite technological innovations, human teachers will always be very important.

Due to technological innovations, human teachers will be phased out gradually.
School systems must constantly educate teachers and students on ways to prevent these kinds of attacks, in which people use emails to make it appear they are from a legitimate organization and to request private information, such as passwords or other information, which they use for malicious purposes.