26 terms

Photoshop vocabulary

Background color
Color that is revealed by the Eraser Tool when it is used on a layer that has transparency locked; It is white by default and is use to make gradient fills and fill in areas of an image that have been erased
Clone Stamp tool
A retouching tool that allows a user to copy a selected area and paste it over another area to cover blemishes or other problems in the photo.
Color picker
a feature that lets you choose a color from a color spectrum or numerically to define a custom color
To cut off
Fastening Points
Points created by the Magnetic Lasso Tool that hold the selection border to the edges in the image.
A fading-out effect created at the edges of a selection.
Foreground color
The color applied by painting tools in Photoshop; Black by default and is used to paint, fill, and apply a border to a selection
a blend of colors used to fill a selection of a layer or an entire layer (same as gradient fill)
History panel
shows you all the moves you have done in the current session of Photoshop. It takes the multiple-undo system and puts it in a list you can pick from.
Joint Photographic Experts Group is an image file format that supports millions of colors and works best for photographs and other images with continuous tones.
Layer Styles
Special effects such as drop shadows, beveled edges, and colorful outlines that can quickly be applied to an entire layer.
Parts of Photoshop file that keeps different parts of the design separate from each other.
Magic wand
a selection tool that selects an area based on similarly colored pixels, and may be adjusted for color tolerance.
Options Bar
Located just below the Menu bar. When you click on any tool in the tool's panel, the tool's options (or settings) appear here.
Small windows that contain a variety of related settings. Main ones used include: Layers, Channels, and History.
Portable Document File enables the printing and viewing of documents. The document appears the same regardless of which operating system or computer is used.
dots that make up an image
an image file format that supports grayscale, 256 color, true color images and alpha transparency.
Polygonal lasso
A selection tool useful for creating a selection that is made up of straight lines
Photoshop document. These files contain all the layers an artist creates so that each layer can be changed or edited later.
Red eye tool
a retouching tool in Photoshop that allows a user to neutralize red tones by blending them with the eye color of a person in an image.
Resolution Quality
level of an image. Measured in pixels per inch (ppi) or dots per inch (dpi)
a color mode that is popular for computer graphics and has a maximum of 16.7 million colors.
To make larger or smaller.
A variety of effects, such as drop shadows and beveled edges, applied to text or shapes.
Swatches panel
a visual display of colors that you can choose from