Epic Korean 1 Chapter 12: I am meeting my friend at 6 o'clock. 저는 여섯 시에 친구를 만나요.

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마시다to drink만나다to meet배우다to learn보다to see, to watch샤워하다/샤워를 하다to take a shower쉬다to rest시작하다to begin일어나다to get up읽다to read자다to sleep치다To hit, to play (tennis)가다to go오다to come먹다to eat하다to do끝나다to finish그럼if so, then-에서in, at (location for activities)-와/과and, with운동exercise, workout바인더binder물병water bottle교실classroomhouse공원park음악 수업music class학생 식당student cafeteria도서관library이/가 끝나고after...is over태권도taekwondo하루a day

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