A social psychologist would tend to look for explanations of a young man's violent behavior primarily in terms of _______
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"Naïve realism" refers to the fact that ______most people believe they perceive things accuratelyResearchers who study social cognition assume that people ______try to view the world as accurately as possibleWhich of the following does NOT reflect the motive to maintain a high self-esteem?Janetta did poorly on the first test in her psychology class. She admits that she didn't study enough and vows to study harder for the next test.The "self-fulfilling prophecy" is the reason that many people ______(?) act in ways to make predictions of their own behavior or others' come trueWhich of the following is true about the study of culture in social psychology?cross-cultural research demonstrates the universality of social psychological theories and the ways in which culture influences people's construals of themselves and the social world.Social psychology is the study of ______the real or imagined influence of other peopleFor social psychologists, the likely explanation of the mass suicide at Jonestown wasprocesses that could ensnare almost any healthy personIn social psychology, the level of analysis is _____the individual in a social contextWhich of the following comments does not illustrate the fundamental attribution error?"The people who committed suicide at Jonestown were socially isolated and thus cut off from other points of view about their leader."What do social psychology and personality psychology have in common?They both focus on the individualWhat do social psychology and sociology have in common?They both are concerned with group processesIn social psychology, why is construal so important?People's behavior is affected by their interpretation of events, not only the events themselves.What was the main contribution of Gestalt psychology to social psychology?It showed that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.Which of the following motives are central to how we construe the world?the needs to feel good about ourselves and to feel our opinions are accurateEleanor's gets a bad grade on the first paper in her English class. To predict whether she will drop the course or stick with it, which question would a social psychologist be most likely to ask?What is her explanation for why she got a bad grade?