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exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention
For example: a ______ story
His books are always so _______.


extremely clever or impressive
For example: What a _____ idea!
a ______ performance/invention


ordinary; not special in any way
For example: His academic record was _____ .
The house itself was _____ but the location was spectacular.


having or showing new and exciting ideas
Synonym = inventive
For example: an imaginative approach/idea/child
recipes that make imaginative use of seasonal vegetables


extremely attractive or impressive
Synonym = beautiful
For example: You look absolutely _______!
The special effects were truly __________.


not original or exciting
For example: The script was ___________.


not attracting your attention or interest
For example: The plot was __________.


extremely interesting and attractive
For example: a _______ story/subject


lasting or taking too long and not interesting (formal)
Synonym = boring
For example: The journey soon became _______.


not showing enough natural expression, emotion or movement
Synonym = stiff
For example: The actor playing the father was too ______.


interesting and amusing
For example: an ________ speech/evening

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