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Identify two characteristics of vertebrates.......

1. An animal that has a backbone, or 2 vertebral column
2. An internal skeleton that grows as the animal grows

What is a swim bladder and what does it do for fish?..........

Gas-filled sacs that give bony fishes their buoyancy (ability to float)

Explain the difference between an exoskeleton, and a endoskeleton,and give an example of an animal with each........

Endoskeleton- An internal skeleton that grows as the animal grows
Ex- Humans,Raccoon
Exoskeleton- A skeleton on the outside that is shed as the animal grows
Ex- Insect, Crab, Lobster, Beetle

Comepare the differences between warmblooded and coldblooded vertebrates.........

Warmblooded- animals that maintain a body temperture that stays constant
Ex- Birds, Mammals
Coldblooded- animals that have body temperature that changes somewhat
Ex- Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles

How do fish reproduce?.........

Some through internal fertilization and others through external fertilization

Explain the differences between internal and external fertilization........

Internal fertilization- process in which sperm joins with an egg inside the body. External fertilization- process in which sperm joins with an egg outside the body.

Describe what makes a fish different from other animals (4 Characteristics)..............

1. Water-dwelling vertabrates
2. Most have scales
3. Most have fins
4.All have gills

Name and brief describe the 3 main groups of fishes........

1. Jawless- eellike fishes that lack paired fins, scales. and a back bone
2. Cartilaginous- skeletons made of flexible cartilage
3. Bony- skeleton made of bone

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