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Abate(V.) to lessen, as something negative or undesirableExacerbate(V.) to make something bad worseTruncate(V.) to shorten by cutting off the endAssuage(V.) to make something less bad, sootheself-aggrandizing(Adj.) portraying oneself as highly importantself-deprecating(Adj.) putting oneself down in a humorous and playful way so as to come across as modestSelf-abnegation(N.) the total denial of oneself or bringing oneself down to a lower levelaltruistic(Adj.) putting others before oneselfEke(V.) to supplement or make last, to obtain in small quantityIre(N.) angerWoe(N.) pain and anguishFoil(V.) to prevent someone (typically bad) from achieving a goalCurt(Adj.) curt and abrupt, brusqueCrux(N.) the most important or central pointDeft(Adj.) skillfulindefatigable(Adj.) not giving up or tiring, unwaveringcommensurate(Adj.) in proportion or relation toIndemnification(N.) protection from being sued or having legal responsibility in a matterpulchritudinous(Adj.) beautifulCumbersome(Adj.) difficult or awkward to carry because it is heavyGossamer(N.) something very light and delicatePalpable(Adj.) able to be touched, tangibleFracas(N.) a loud commotion or argumentDetente(N.) the lessening of hostility between nationsReconciliation(N.) the restoring of harmonious relationsderivitive(Adj.) taken from another source, not originalorthodox(Adj.) following or conforming to what is accepted as the standardPedestrian(Adj.) lacking imagination or originalityHackneyed(Adj.) lacking originalityTrite(Adj.) lacking originalityavant-garde(N.) those who create the newest ideas, typically in the artsMaverick(N.) a person known for having unorthodox viewsPioneering(Adj.) using new ways or methods