Livestock Entomology ID/Knowledge Quiz 2

Match each circulatory system to the correct identification.
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Closed system with blood vessels (capillaries, veins, arteries) and heart Heart is locate ventrally Red blood cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. Use a hemoglobin carrier molecule Have a true immune response, long-term recognition system Acquired immunity: Humans

Open system-hemocoel Dorsal blood vessel Heart and aorta are dorsal No red blood cells. Some insects have hemoglobin. Oxygen delivered by tracheal system Do not have a long-term immune recognition system No acquired immunity: Insects
oviparity: egg is produced, fertilized, then oviposited outside the female.

ovoviviparity: eggs develop normally and are fertilized, but are retained in female's reproductive tract until they hatch.

viviparity: eggs begin to develop, but lack enough yolk for complete development & often lack a chorion - embryos retained inside mother, receive nourishment after development has begun.

parthenogenesis: development without fertilization

polyembryony: one egg is laid in the host, clones itself & can produce from a few to 1,500 offspring.