MN Boilers test practice (special)

The dial on a steam gauge on a low-pressure boiler must be graduated from _ to _ times the maximum allowable working pressure
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10 Kw is equal to how much boiler horesepower?1What does ASME stand for?American Society of Mechanical EngineersWhat does NBIC stand for?National Board Inspection CodeWhat kind of stamp is needed in order to legally be able to weld on a boiler?"R"In the state of Minnesota, how often do Boilers get inspected by an insurance company or a State Boiler Inspector?YearlyHow many square feet is considered equivalent to 1 boiler horsepower?10What must be easily accessible/in view in the boiler room?Boiler log, certificates of all employees qualified to work on boilerWhat is the minimum size pipe that may be used to connect a water column to high pressure boilers?(other than miniature boilers)1 inchWater columns of steel must be used if pressure is over _____ psi350An outside _____ and ______ _______ valve may be used between a high-pressure steam boiler and the water columnscrew, yolk, gateHow must water column connections be at right angle turns to enable cleaning and inspections?Must be a cross instead of an elbow._____ is the minimum size drain required on a water column3/4 inchIf the water gauge glass became plugged or broken on a steam boiler, the boiler could temporarily operate using the _____?gauge-cocks(try-cocks)A ______ cock used on a steam gauge must be a _ or ____ valveStop, T, leverThe minimum size safety valve that may be used on a miniature boiler is ____?1/2 inchT/F, A high pressure safety valve cannot be used on the same boiler for low pressure.TrueT/F, The blow-back on a 100 lb safety valve must be at least 6 lbsFalse, It must be at least 2 lbsAccording to the code, safety valves on steam boilers should be manually tested how frequently?Once a monthThe NBIC recommends the safety valves on a low pressure boilers be manually tested how often?QuarterlyWhen two or more steam boilers are connected to a common header, what must they both have?main steam stop valve(stop and go valve)According to the MN Code, when _____ valves over _ inches in diameter are used on a boiler, they must be a _____ ______ valvestop, 2, rising stemWhen two steam stop valves are located on a steam header line, what must there be between the two valves?drain valveWhat is the maximum steam pressure allowed on a cast iron boiler?15 PSICast Iron boilers are always what?Low pressureWhat valves need to be closed, tagged, and locked in order to perform an internal inspection of a boiler connected to a common header with two or more other boilers?header stop valvesWhen two valves are used on the bottom blow-down line of a steam boiler, the ______-________ valve is located closest to the boiler shellquick-openingHow many turns is required to fully open/close a slow-opening blow-down valve?Five 360 degree turnsWhat is the maximum temperature of water leaving the blow-down tank and entering a sanitary sewer?150 degrees FBlow-off valves for pressures in excess of 200 psi working pressure must be made of what?steelHow many means of feeding water into a high-pressure boiler is required?2How many main types of boilers are there and what are they?4, Firetube, Watertube, Cast Iron Sectional, ElectricWhat does HRT stand for?Horizontal return tubularWhat are the subsections of Firetube boilers?Scotch Marine, Firebox,Vertical,LocomotiveScotch Marine is a completely __________ furnace and is the most efficent/common firetube boiler.internalDefine a firebox FT boiler.Has 2 passes for water to go through and 1 is longer than the other, 12-337 HorsepowerVertical FT boilers are _ pass boilers.1Define water tube boilers.water is in the tube, heat(fire) is on outside, used to process and power generationCommercial water tubes have ______ tube, _____ tube,_____ tube membrane and is ____ to _____ PSIStraight, Bent, Flex, 34 250What are the types of Industrial WT?DOA, A and O are small footprint/small area. D is power boiler like in powerplants.What do Boiler Stays do?Prevent bulging in areas of boiler NOT supported by tubes_________ Boilers are constructed with tube sheets on either end with each tube connected to both tube sheetsFireTubeFiretube boiler tubes, tubes are _______ or ________ to attach them to the tube sheets and assist in the ________ of the gasses and ________ the tube sheetFlared, Beaded, Flow, SupportWhat is the top drum on a watertube boiler called?Steam DrumWhat is the bottom drum called on a watertube boiler?Mud or water drumWhere is most of the steam produced in a watertube boiler?Risers(steam generating tubes)Water tube boilers have 2 or more drums connected by a boiler tube, what kind of joint must be used to connect the drums?Expanded jointHow are boiler tubes always measured?Outside diameterHow is piping for boilers always measured?inside______is the difference in pressure between two points that cause airDraftwhat can result if condensate is picked up with the steam as it travels through the main steam branch lineswater hammerThe evaporation of 34.5 pounds of water per hour from and at a temperature of 212 f is defined as:1 Boiler Horsepowerwhat are used to direct the flow of gases through out the boiler?BafflesWhen a safety valve opens and closes rapidly it is referred to asChatteringWhat is used to ensure that all of the fuel is properly burned in a boiler and thus attain a better efficiency in heat release?excess airwhy On some steam boiler system vacuum pumps are used?its creates a vacuum on the return lines drawing back condensate to vacuum pumpIn a hot water boiler system, what valve is installed to reduce incoming city water pressure to the hot water boiler operating pressure?Pressure reducing valveWhen top-bottom blow down valves are used on a steam boiler, what valve is located closest to the boiler shellModulatingwhat valve is used when steam flows in under the seat up and out the outletGlobe valveIn a fire tube boiler, the wateris around the tubesHow often do you need to check a 20 horse power high pressure boiler24 hoursWhat chemical is used as an oxygen scavengersodium sulfiteHow often should a low water fuel cut off be testeddailyList the different ways a low water fuel cut out can be testedquick, slow open drain, evaporation testOf all the ways a low water fuel cut off can be tested which is the best way?evaporationWhich formula is used to determine the efficiecy of the boiler based on heat absorption?output divided by inputIf you are operation in a steam plant what two things should be checked for firstwater level, steam pressureIn a steam boiler system a possible water hammer is caused bycarryoverList the first two to check for in a hot water boiler plantwater pressure, water tempWhen applying a hydrostatic test on a boiler the water temperatures should be70 degreesOn automatic fired boiler and before a pilot is lite what is required?4 complete air changes