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Matter and Change


Which of the following is NOT and example of matter?
(d) smoke
(c) heat
(d) water vapor


An example of an extensive property of matter is _______.

ability to rust

All of the following are physical properties of matter EXCEPT _______.
(a) mass
(b) melting point
(c) color
(d) ability to rust

all of the above

Which of the following are considered physical properties of a substance?
(a) color and odor
(b) malleability and hardness
(c) melting and boiling points
(d) all of the above


A substance that forms a vapor is generally in what physical state at room temperature


Which of the following CANNOT be classified as a substance?
(a) table salt
(b) nitrogen
(c) air
(d) gold

rotting of food

Which of the following is a physical change?
(a) corrosion
(b) evaporation
(d) rotting of food


Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture?
(a) air
(b) steel
(c) salt water
(d) soil

a heterogeneous mixture

Which of the following CANNOT be considered a single phase?
(a) a pure solid
(b) a homogenous mixture
(c) a pure liquid
(d) a heterogeneous mixture

they are known as solutions

Which of the following is true about homogeneous mixtures?
(a) they are known as solutions
(b) they consist of two or more phases
(c) they have compositions that never vary
(d) they are always liquid

oil and vinegar

Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture?
(a) vinegar in water
(b) oil and vinegar
(c )milk
(d) air

salt water

Which of the following is a homogeneous mixture?
(a) salt water
(b) sand water
(c) beef stew
(d) soil


Separating a solid from a liquid by evaporating the liquid is called _______.

stainless steel

An example of a homogeneous mixture is ________.
(a) water
(b) noodle soup
(c) stainless steel
(d) oxygen

salad dressing

Which of the following items is NOT a compound?
(a) baking soda
(b) sucrose
(c) salad dressing
(d) table salt

they are substances

Which of the following is true about compounds?
(a) They can be physically separated into their component elements
(b) They have compositions that vary
(c) They are substances
(d)They have properties similar to those of their component elements


A substance that can be separated into two or more substances only by a chemical change is a(n) _____________.


Which of the following materials is a substance?
(a) air
(b) stainless steel
(c) gasoline
(d) silver

a compound can only be separated into is components by chemical means

What is one difference between a mixture and a compound?

mixtures can be separated physically, while compounds cannot

What distinguishes a substance from a mixture?


The first figure in a properly written chemical symbol always is ______.


The chemical symbol for iron is _____.


Which of the following represents a compound?
(a) H
(b) H2O
(c) H-3
(d) O-16

elements and compounds

What chemical symbols and formulas represent, respectively?


What substance has a chemical symbol that is derived from a Latin name?

ability to react with oxygen

Which of the following is a chemical property?
(a) color
(b) freezing point
(c) hardness
(d) ability to react with oxygen


In the chemical reaction in which sucrose is heated and decomposes to form carbon dioxide and water, what was the reactant in this experiment?


All of the following changes to a metal are physical changes EXCEPT:
(a) bending
(b) rusting
(c) melting
(d) polishing


Which of the following does NOT involve a physical change?
(a) mixing
(b) grinding
(c) melting
(d) decomposing


A chemical change occurs when a piece of wood is _______.

Its ability to decompose in hydrogen and oxygen

Which one of the following is a chemical property of water at 4 degrees C?
(a) its color
(b) its temperature
(c) its shape
(d) its ability to decompose in hydrogen

check the composition of the sample before and after the change

What must be done to be certain that a chemical change has taken place?

the food darkens

Which of the following indicates that a chemical change has happened during cooking?
(a) the food darkens
(b) the water boils
(c) butter is melted
(d) energy is transferred from the stove to the pan

fracture formation

Which of the following does NOT indicate that a chemical change may have taken place?
(a) fracture formation
(b) precipitate formation
(c) gas production
(d) energy transfer

matter is neither destroyed nor created

What happens to matter during a chemical reaction?

stays the same

When an iron nail is ground into powder, its mass ______.

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