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Skara Brae- Stone - Northern ScotlandStonehedge- Megaliths - Salisbury Plain, EnglandPaleolithic cave paintings, such as those found in the Hall of the Bulls, are characterized byImages of animalsIn comparing the Woman from Brassempouy to the Woman from Willendorf, the function of both is most probablyA fertility objectIn comparison to the Paleolithic Hall of Bulls, the Neolithic View of Town and Volcano from Çatal Hüyük depictsA landscapeThe earliest cave paintings at Chauvet date to the ______ period.PaleolithicAccording to the text, the images in the Overlapping animal engravings might recordmigrationsOne interpretation of Rhinoceros, Wounded Man, and Bison is that it is aNarrativeA relative date indicates that an object is ________ than another.Older or more recent than anotherMegaliths arranged in circles are known asCromlechsAbout __________years ago modern humans began to make detailed representations of forms found in nature.40,000Two Bison is a good example ofRelief sculptureThe bulls' horns in the scene of the Animal Hunt from Çatal Hüyük were probably associated withFertilityPost-and-lintel architecture refers toTwo upright stones supporting a third horizontal capstoneThe Female and male figures from Cernavoda, Romania were found in aTombThe cave paintings at Altamira were originally considered aHoaxThe presence of a small hole between the front legs of the Horse from Vogelherd Cave suggests that it was aPendant