Body Planes & Directional Terms

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medialtoward the midlinelateral (side)away from the midlineintermediatebetween two structuresProximalCloser to the point of attachmentDistalaway from the point of attachmentsupineface up (anterior up)proneface down (posterior up)superficial (external)toward the body surfacedeep (internal)away from the body surfaceselbow to wristproximal/superiornose and chinsuperiorskin and kidneyssuperficiallungs and heartlateraltoes to ankleanteriorscalp to skullsuperficialDiaphragm to lunginferiorheart to diaphragmsuperiorhead to necksuperiorEsophagus to spineanteriorbrain and spinal cordsuperiorwrist to handproximal and superiorfingers to handdistalkneecap to knee jointanterior/ superficialeyes to noselateralears to headlateralthumb to handlaterallittle toe to big toelateraleyebrow to eyesuperiorityinside corner of eye to outside corner of eyemedial