Sports Marketing Ch 1

1. Stickiness of an idea
2. Reach of brand
3. Social Identity
4. Media Interest
5. Marketing Metric
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- Leisure spending on spectator sports has decreased in the United States.
- Expansion of sport entertainment and participation options creates greater marketplace competition.
- Maintaining market share can be difficult for sport products.
- Popularity of some sports, such as action sports, is plateauing or declining.
- The way that fans consume sport has evolved considerably, particularly with the explosion of new technology such as social media, mobile devices, and high-definition televisions.
- Popularity of newspapers is in sharp decline.
- Sport and media organizations must adapt to new means of reaching consumers.
- Sport Product - Sport Marketplace - Sport Finance - Sport Promotion - Showing strong and personal yet emotional identification - A variety of product and consumption - Dependence of Social facilitationUniqueness of Sport MarketingSport Product•Any bundle or combination of qualities, processes, and capabilities (goods, services, or ideas) that a sport consumer expects will deliver want satisfaction. •Sport marketers must understand why consumers make consumption decisions.•Pricing the individual sport product unit by traditional job costing is difficult. •The price of the sport product itself is invariably quite small in comparison with the total cost paid by the consumer. •Indirect revenues are frequently greater than direct operating revenues.Why Sport Finance Is UniqueBill VickMLB White Sox owner: helped get people to come to the game andUCLA vs HoustonPete RosdaleNFL commissioner who distributed money equally throughout the networksMark MccormikHead of IMG•Widespread media exposure is a double-edged sword. Media and sponsors emphasize celebritiesWhy Sport Promotion Is Unique