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Which description best fits the definition of squamous cel carcinoma?
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Which of the following is a rare genetic condition characterized by the lack of melanin pigment in the body?AlbinismWhat type of lesions are in the early stages of development or change?PrimaryClients who are "spa hoppers" might have __________.body dysmorphic disorderWhich of the following terms best describes pseudo folliculitis?a condition also known as razor bumps, which resemble folliculitis without the pus or infectionWhat colored dye is a common allergen that causes allergic contact dermatitis?redWhich of the following best describes the term steatoma?a sebaceous cyst or subcutaneous tumor filled with sebumTinea corporis a skin irritation that spreads into a circular infection that is red and scalyRetention hyperkeratosis is __________.a hereditary factor in which dead skin cells build up from not sheddingWhich statement about acne is true?Acne is a skin disorder of the sebaceous glands.Herpes simplex virus 1 is characterized by __________.blisters that usually appear on the lips or nostrils.Which of the following is an inflamed papule with a white or yellow center containing pus?pustuleWhich of the following best completes the statement below? herpes zoster is characterized by __________.groups of red blisters that form a rash that occurs in a ring or lineSebaceous filaments are best described as __________.mainly small, solidified impactions of oil without the cell matterWhere do steatomas usually appear?scalp, neck, and backRosacea is characterized by __________.visible vessels and skin sensitivityWhich of the following gives the definition of hypertrophy?the term used to describe the thickening of a tissueWhat vascular condition can an esthetician help a client with?rosaceaSebaceous hyperplasia described as doughnut-shaped with an indention in the centerCouperose skin is __________.not a medical conditionA primary lesion characterized by flat, nonpalpable changes in skin color or by elevations formed by fluid in a cavityA tan caused by exposure to the sunWhat is not a benefit an esthetician can provide for a client who has a skin disorder?diagnosing the medical condition for the clientWhat is redness and bumpiness in the cheeks or upper arms?keratosis pilarisEstheticians should never work on clients who have herpes lesionsWhat is a brownish spot ranging in color from tan to bluish black?moleConjunctivitis also known as pinkeyeTelangiectasia visible capillaries that are commonly found on the faceWhich of the following conditions is caused by blocked follicles?keratosis pilarisWhat is a term for hyperpigmentation triggered by hormonal changes?melasmaA melanoma has a diameter that us at least as large as __________.a pencil eraserWhat condition affects a client's nails?onychomycosisChoose the option that best completes the following statement. When considering different types of lesions, impetigo is characterized by __________.clusters of small blisters or crusty lesions filled with bacteriaWhere are sebaceous filaments often found?noseWhen considering different types of lesions, eczema is characterized as inflammatory, painful, itching disease of the skinWhat is a symptom of PCOS that an esthetician can help with?hair growthGrade II acne is characterized by __________.many closed comedones, more open comedones and occasional papules and pustulesWhich description best fits the definition of hyperhidrosis?excessive perspiration caused by heat, genetics, medications, or medical conditionsThe term keratoma best fits which of the following descriptions?an acquired, thickened patch of epidermisHow often should people visit a physician to check for cancerous lesions?once a yearWhich of the following terms best describes anhidrosis?a deficiency in perspiration due to failure of the sweat glandsWhich of the following is an inflammatory skin condition caused by exposure and direct skin contact to allergens?allergic contact dermatitisThe term hyperpigmentation best fits which of the following descriptions?an overproduction of pigmentWhich description best fits the definition of dermatitis?an inflammatory condition of the skinWhat statement is true of skin conditions in general?they are difficult to categorizeCaffeine consumption might be limited for a client with __________.RosaceaWhat term is best described as a malformation of the skin from abnormal pigmentation of dilated capillaries?NevusWhat is a flat, pigmented area similar to a freckle?lentigoWhat does adrenaline help the body to do?cope with stressful eventsWhat is true of PCOS?it cannot be curedWhat term is best described as small outgrowths or extensions of the skin that look like flaps?skin tagWhat is not a symptom of PCOS?sleeplessnessOf the following, who is NEVER qualified to diagnose rosacea?an estheticianWhich of the following are an example of macules?frecklesWhat body system do vascular lesions involve?circulatoryWhat change in shape would be an indication that a mole might be cancerous?a mole that is growing larger on one side than anotheratopic dermatitis is __________.a chronic, relapsing form of dermatitisWhat causes the itchy feeling that often accompanies dermatitis?histaminesWhat type of physician would be most likely to work in conjunction with an esthetician in treating?a dermatologistHow many women in their childbearing years does PCOS affect?1 in 20 womenSebhorrea an abnormal secretion from the sebaceous glandWhen considering the different types of lesions, sebhorreic dermatitis is characterized by __________.inflammation, dry it oily scaling or crusting, and/or itchinessVaricose veins __________.are sometimes treated with sclerotherapy, a nonsurgical injection into the vein.Which of the following is a flat, colored spot on the skin?maculeWhat is the disorder in which a person picks at their skin to the point of injury?dermatilomaniaWhat color is a melanoma?darkWhich of the following best describes the term verruca?hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis caused by a virusMilaria rubra is acute inflammatory disorder of the sweat glandsAcne is characterized by __________.excess sebum productionThe term hyperkeratosis best fits which of the following descriptions?the thickening of the skin caused by a mass of keratinocytesWhen considering the different grades of acne, grade I acne is characterized by __________.minor breakouts, mostly open comedones, some closed comedones and a few papulesWhat is good advice for an esthetician who is working with a client who has a skin condition?Do not continue with a service if you do not understand what condition you are dealing with.Which of the following is a small elevation on the skin that contains fluid but may develop into a pustule?papuleWhat are pink or flesh-colored precancerous lesions that feel sharp or rough and are a result of sundamage?actinic keratosesWhat is the biggest external cause of pigmentation disorders?sun exposureGrade III acne is characterized by __________.redness and inflammation, many comedones, papules, and pustulesA wart is also known as __________.veruccaPsoriasis usually found in patches in the scalp, elbows, knees, chest, and lower backSomeone with rosacea should __________.avoid spicy foodsWhat is also called pityriasis versicolor?tinea versicolorA melanoma's border is usually __________.irregularWhat vascular condition is treated with sclerotherapyvaricose veinsWhat is a condition characterized by black or dark patches in the skin which are usually uneven in texture?malignant melanoma